10 Unnoticed grave mistakes in your resume

Resume the first face of yours, for any job interview it’s highly noticed than you. In Indian Scenario, recruiters in companies keenly look into your resume rather than recruiters in a consultancy. In case of US it’s completely different because your resume was keenly looked even by the recruiter in a consultancy. So in any case your resume plays a major role in getting a job interview or the job itself. The two pages summary about you play a key role in your interview. Question will asked based on the information given in your resume, hence framing a perfect resume is a must. I have seen people working on the resume for a long time, but they haven’t done it to perfection. I am just listing out the mistakes that’s commonly done while framing a resume.

1) Spelling and Grammatical errors is the first thing noticed in resumes. Remember you are doing your resume in Microsoft Word, it’s already supported by Spell and Grammar check option. Just press F9 and you document errors will be clearly pointed out in red.

2) Alignment is the next thing people don’t look into. Many resumes have very bad alignment that immediately shows the poor appearance of the resume. High content with poor alignment is so bad when we consider Less content with perfect alignment.

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World’s deepest

Map showing Marina Trench

Worlds Deepest Point:-

I was in awe when James Cameron visited Challenger Deeper in an expedition. Challenger Deep is the deepest point in Earth having depth of 11,035 meters ( 11km) and it’s located in Marina Trench, Pacific Ocean. Marina trench is located near to Japan and Philippines. No one has visited this place solely but Cameron did this that make him special. You will have to look into the video link given below to understand how deep it’s. Challenger deep got it’s name from a Bristish Survey ship named HMS Challenger which first recorded the depth. Continue reading