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Why Professors abroad inspire me

By 2010, I sent an email to Prof. Parasuraman and Prof. Valarie A Zeithamal to discuss about my MBA project work. I used SERVQUAL model to assess the after sales service quality of Shankar Energy Private Limited, Chennai. I knew that the model can be used for analyzing service quality of any company, I doubted whether the same questionnaire can be used for analyzing after sales service quality.

Since it is a research project you must validate your questionnaire. It is not fair to adopt any questionnaire simply without any literature back up. I mailed Prof. Parasuraman and Prof. Zeithamal. I was surprised, I got a reply back from them just in a day. I have sent mails to some Indian professors too, they never replied me back. Does that reply worth appreciating?. Yes, why not?. They are prompt and they acknowledge you, they value your question. This is not the end, there are many common things that really inspire me to stay in the same profession. Continue reading


Teaching psychology oriented subject is always interesting. Consumer behavior is one such course that talks more about application of psychology in marketing. “Marketing has moved from products to customers and now to human spirits” as said by Marketing Guru Philip Kotler. Consumer behavioral analysis is inevitable for any marketer. Consumer behavior course kick starts by understanding perception of people towards products and services.

Getting directly into the topic and teaching them core concepts of perception may not interest students, hence I developed a set of activities to make them understand about it. The activities were taken from few websites and thematic appreciation test from SSB interviews conducted for recruiting people in Indian army. I hope even as a reader you might feel really elated to view the pictures posted here.

Illusion is everywhere , and without illusion there is no magic. So start your perception class by showing visual illusion pictures. I have shown these pictures in my class to make it more interesting. First four pictures is related to illusion and the last picture is going to help students in understanding about perception. In the first four pictures ask the same question whatever posted below the picture, students will initially get it wrong and later on they will realize the picture is giving them visual illusions.


Which circle at the center is bigger?


Find out two parallel lines in the picture.


Which line is lengthy?


What do you see here?


Write a story based on this picture.

The last picture is the key. Ask all the students to write a story by looking at the picture ( ensure no one write their name on their story sheet), collect all of them and take only few and read it in the class. It will funny as well as thought provoking. While you read the story you will be able to understand and also the students will understand perception of everyone is different. After doing this activity teaching perception will become easy and you will be able to relate other concepts with the help of the story wrote by students. Perception is a wonderful topic to teach and enjoy teaching it.

Capturing students mind

Teachers have great role in building up the students and those students become a part of the society in few years. It’s understood that a teacher have great responsibility in developing the right society. Life as a teacher will certainly make you happy. Today, I was interacting with few students to get the feedback about my teaching. It was a open talk with them and I feel they gave feedback from their heart.

When I was asking very generally about my style of teaching, How the class went last semester? Whether you enjoyed the class or not? and so on. The answers were simply, “Sir, It’s so good”. I didn’t stopped there I went on asking many questions and listened to them with all ears open. As students they felt many things needs to be improved. Also there were many things they appreciated too. Let’s hear from them instead of me talking here.


Continue reading

Learning as a Young Professor

Completed one year as Assistant Professor in a reputed engineering college in Salem gives me immense pleasure. Joined the college by December 5, 2011 without knowing what is teaching and how to handle students in a class. Through out the last one year I have been experimenting many aspects in the classroom. I would like to share my view about Good qualities of a teacher.

When it comes to qualities of a teacher one needs to understand that we don’t admire at all the teacher we come across in our life. From your childhood days you have seen “n” number of teachers but you will remember only few, because you believe that they are the one who really understood you. As a teacher, I understood many things are required to be an inspiring teacher. a

Understand the students:- You have a heterogeneous crowd in front of you. Try to understand each and every student. This will help you in finding out their expectations and problems. When you understand them better, it is easy to shape them. Continue reading

School teaching Vs College teaching

Teaching students always brings happiness in me. I was so happy when I got a chance to teach English in Kongu Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Salem. My assignment was to teach 3rd standard kids and make them to speak in English. Initially I felt it is the difficult task but it was a different scenario over there. As every teacher gets a welcome, when I entered into the class, students in chorus said “GOoooooD Mooorrrrnniiinng Sirrrrrr”. I didn’t know what to say again because every child in our country will sing the same raga when they are in school. I said “Very Good Morning, Sit down”. There is quite a lot of difference when you teach kids and youngsters. Continue reading

From Life to Telecommunication.

Knowledge forum started early this week with three novice speakers and one excellent speaker from Computer Science Department. We started a little bit early and it was started with a lot of enthusiasm. To encourage and motivate my students I have taken a print out with the speakers list also it was stick on the notice board of all the first year classroom. We are yet to frame rules and regulations for this forum, yet we decided to go ahead with one constrain that no speakers should exceed 20 minutes time. It may seem to be a copy from TED format, yes we will have to accept it, since I feel if there is a good thing we need to imbibe in and we are following the same. Getting into the list of speakers

Logo designed by Mr.Riyaz Ahmed - Special "THANKS" to him

1) Mr. Maniguru who spoke on “What’s there in Pranab’s suitcase? – It was a basic explanation about Indian budget 2012. Merits such as raising the level in the income tax level and demerits such as disinvestment of public sectors companies have been cleanly listed. That was an informative speech!!

Mr. Maniguru explaining Budget 2012.

2) Mr. Jaya krishna kumar spoke on ” How to be successful in life”. I was taking video of this guy, he was covering the entire stage that made me to turn my cam towards him all the time that really kept the audience concentrating on his speech. He quoted 10 success mantras from Swami Vivekananda which was absolutely suitable for students.


3) Mr. Ruban spoke on “Share Markets” since we asked him to speak immediately in a hurry he came on to the stage and did a beautiful job in explaining what is an IPO , Equity and other terms related to it.

Mr. Ruban speaks about "Share Markets"

4) Prof. Mr. Samilson Edward is the last person to come on to the stage. With his power packed slides and information he kept audience at the feet. He talked on ” Telecommunication” and he explained about the same to our level. It was so informative and awakening. Thanks to Mr.Samilson Edward for joining us this week.

On the whole, it was a great week the level of interest in learning English and talking on the stage has increased a lot. Last week when I asked who is going to present next week, I could see only few hands up, this week it was around 8 people raising their hands, I really liked that moment of the day. We gave feedback to improve them. Hoping the next week will have more interesting, thought provoking and awakening session.


The Last Lecture – Book review

How to achieve your childhood dreams

What will you do if you have short time to live? is the question posted by the Author Randy on the back cover of the book. Yes, Randy is not a normal human being who lived on earth, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer yet that didn’t let him down. He lived with positive spirits to turn the world with his great speech named “The Last Lecture”

Chloe Stands On Daddy Hand

I ordered this book after viewing “Randy Pausch” video in Youtube that he presented in Oprah as well as after the full lecture given at Carnegie Mellon University.

Randy has two face one is as a parent his is so caring, his wife name is Jai, he has three children named Dylan, Logan and Chloe. Next one is as a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University he has done lots of wonders in making students to understand Virtual Reality.  That’s a normal thing Professor’s or as a parent do in a day-to-day life, but How Randy is different?

Randy after diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer wanted to settle down peacefully with his wife and children to take rest.  Yet , when he quit the job at Carnegie Mellon University he was asked to give “The Last Lecture” which is normally taped by the university for their records. Randy was forced to go there because his wife Birthday fell on the same day. Even then Randy felt not to lose the chance given to him so he flies to Philadelphia with his wife and delivers The Last Lecture.

Each and every person has childhood dreams and even some people might forget what they dreamed about. Randy is not a normal person he was working hard and the professional journey is so great. In this book Randy writes about his life changing experience that will change many people’s life. Initially Randy speaks about his childhood dreams and convey the he achieved it. He is a humorous person by nature, he will definitely make you to laugh at many moments. He explained how he achieved his childhood dreams in the first part and later on his book describes about how to help someone else to achieve their childhood dreams. To quote some incidences from Randy’s life, he wanted to be at Zero gravity, certainly it’s not possible if you are an outsider. When he was at college his students got the opportunity to visit  but as a Professor also he was not able to go with his students so he gives up his teaching job and act as a journalist to travel with the students to stay in Zero gravity for a while. Like wise there are many stories behind his achievement (like getting a project in EA, working in Aladdin Project and students virtual reality projects etc etc).

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.”
― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Here he conveys us about how to make the class interesting and also how to help students to achieve their dreams. He personally acknowledges that there are road blocks in everyone life those are to test human beings whether they try to break it or they tend to stop at the place. Those who cross the road blocks are star performers. He advises every one to break the brick wall. He says his secret of success is his “hard work” and nothing else. He also understood how to motivate students and help students. You will get all the insights when you read his book. There are many quotes by Randy and one good theory called “Head fake”.

It’s all about leadership, life, professionalism, ambition, admiration, achievement, passion and personality. So it’s a must read for people who are in teaching profession also to people who want to achieve their dream.

I would to give a quote from his book to end this review.

“It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead your life, … If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.”
― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

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