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Experienced Resume – How to write it?

As a fresh college graduate its easy to write a resume and even if you make mistakes in your resume it doesn’t matter. An experienced person should always aim for an impeccable resume. Experienced resume varies highly when compared to the fresher resume. While writing an experienced resume you need start a fresh rather than scratching your earlier resume (i.e: your own fresher resume). One has to carefully choose what is required to be mentioned in the resume when they get experienced. Let’s see one by one.

Objective: Since you got a good amount of experience in the field, a plain statement will not help you out. Your objective should state what kind of position you are exactly looking for and obviously it should be related to the job that you are doing now. In case if you are completely changing you job role or industry itself, you need a different objective that need not to match your present job. Continue reading


Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the top ranked college to pursue MBA. To get to know what is happening in Stanford I have subscribed to their YouTube Channel. Last week there was an update, when I went through it I found talks on communication and resume preparation. Since those are my interest areas, I listened to them and I felt it need to be shared to many. This video is on resume preparation.

This video is a copyright material of Stanford Graduate School of Business.


10 Unnoticed grave mistakes in your resume

Resume the first face of yours, for any job interview it’s highly noticed than you. In Indian Scenario, recruiters in companies keenly look into your resume rather than recruiters in a consultancy. In case of US it’s completely different because your resume was keenly looked even by the recruiter in a consultancy. So in any case your resume plays a major role in getting a job interview or the job itself. The two pages summary about you play a key role in your interview. Question will asked based on the information given in your resume, hence framing a perfect resume is a must. I have seen people working on the resume for a long time, but they haven’t done it to perfection. I am just listing out the mistakes that’s commonly done while framing a resume.

1) Spelling and Grammatical errors is the first thing noticed in resumes. Remember you are doing your resume in Microsoft Word, it’s already supported by Spell and Grammar check option. Just press F9 and you document errors will be clearly pointed out in red.

2) Alignment is the next thing people don’t look into. Many resumes have very bad alignment that immediately shows the poor appearance of the resume. High content with poor alignment is so bad when we consider Less content with perfect alignment.

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This image is getting circulated in Facebook and I feel it’s worth sharing here also. This is the major difference you should know while framing your resume , hope this will help you all.

Preparing your resume – Step 2

              I was in a dilemma whether to integrate this blog with my wordpress blog http://balachandarksr.wordpress.com. I think it’s stupidity to integrate, since this blog is well known for many people.              There is a lot of change in my life that hindered me in writing articled in this blog. So a small update about me. I am glad to say that, “I am now an Assistant Professor with Sona College of Technology”. With the change over I am really finding time to write for the benefit of fresh graduates.I have frequently changed my career that didn’t let me down till now. Whenever I attend an interview I got selected. I have failed many times in interviews that I attended as a fresher and after that I really didn’t faced any difficulty in finding another job since your previous job gives you an edge over others. Also whenever I change the job I try to gather information about the company as well as about the job profile, that’s the success mantra to get a job.Now let’s get into the topic, you might know how to write you aim with the last post. In this post I would like to explain how the educational qualifications should be written on a resume. For fresh graduates it’s their educational qualification helps them to get an interview. While screening your resume HR’s will note down your educational qualification also they will ask you many questions your basic qualification. There are different ways that you can put down your qualifications. People use different formats like Tables or List down method. See the examples given below.

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