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Facebook – Actors – Society

Happy May day to everyone. Today I posted a status in the Facebook which caused a stir in just five hours. The status was not meant to hurt anyone feelings, yet to make clear that actors are not demigods and they don’t contribute to you and your life. Here is the Facebook status.

“People who celebrate Actor Ajith birthday and Kabali teaser release are the ones who don’t celebrate their parents birthday” quote-weak-people-revenge-strong-people-forgive-intelligent-people-ignore-albert-einstein-124-25-28 Continue reading


TEDx is an Idea worth spreading

You all know that we have Knowledge forum on every week, this time we had very less turn out because of students exams. I requested Mr.Saffin Mathew, Final year engineering student who is the current license holder of TEDxSonaCollege to speak about TEDx. Mr.Saffin is a confident and self motivated person, he walked in front of the audience and explained about TED, TEDx and TEDxSonaCollege. Also he gave out the speakers list who have confirmed their presence. At this moment I should mention about  my friend Mr.Veera Raghavan Sampath who brought TED taste to Salem first with TEDxSalem event. His work was astounding and worth mentioning here. I am thanking him with this post 🙂 Thanks a lot Veera 🙂 Continue reading

From Life to Telecommunication.

Knowledge forum started early this week with three novice speakers and one excellent speaker from Computer Science Department. We started a little bit early and it was started with a lot of enthusiasm. To encourage and motivate my students I have taken a print out with the speakers list also it was stick on the notice board of all the first year classroom. We are yet to frame rules and regulations for this forum, yet we decided to go ahead with one constrain that no speakers should exceed 20 minutes time. It may seem to be a copy from TED format, yes we will have to accept it, since I feel if there is a good thing we need to imbibe in and we are following the same. Getting into the list of speakers

Logo designed by Mr.Riyaz Ahmed - Special "THANKS" to him

1) Mr. Maniguru who spoke on “What’s there in Pranab’s suitcase? – It was a basic explanation about Indian budget 2012. Merits such as raising the level in the income tax level and demerits such as disinvestment of public sectors companies have been cleanly listed. That was an informative speech!!

Mr. Maniguru explaining Budget 2012.

2) Mr. Jaya krishna kumar spoke on ” How to be successful in life”. I was taking video of this guy, he was covering the entire stage that made me to turn my cam towards him all the time that really kept the audience concentrating on his speech. He quoted 10 success mantras from Swami Vivekananda which was absolutely suitable for students.


3) Mr. Ruban spoke on “Share Markets” since we asked him to speak immediately in a hurry he came on to the stage and did a beautiful job in explaining what is an IPO , Equity and other terms related to it.

Mr. Ruban speaks about "Share Markets"

4) Prof. Mr. Samilson Edward is the last person to come on to the stage. With his power packed slides and information he kept audience at the feet. He talked on ” Telecommunication” and he explained about the same to our level. It was so informative and awakening. Thanks to Mr.Samilson Edward for joining us this week.

On the whole, it was a great week the level of interest in learning English and talking on the stage has increased a lot. Last week when I asked who is going to present next week, I could see only few hands up, this week it was around 8 people raising their hands, I really liked that moment of the day. We gave feedback to improve them. Hoping the next week will have more interesting, thought provoking and awakening session.


Day when Sagaa asked me to click :)

There were lot of things I wanted to write for the past two weeks, yet I didn’t find time to write. Today is Sunday; I would like to complete the blog post. First I would like to list out the incidences that pushed me to write. In this post I will cover one of the incidences listed below.
1)    Stupid guy goes to India – Book review.
2)    Day when Sagaa asked me to click
3)    It’s fortunate – I went to Yercaud
4)    Bright sun in Midnight – Day one of Knowledge forum

The first incident out all these is “Day when Sagaa asked me to click”, let’s move into that day first. I know Sivachandran for a long time. He studied Higher Secondary education with me; he is a studious guy. When I came to Salem, Siva met me and explained about “SAGAA TRUST”. Sagaa means friends. He started off the trust with the trust in his friends, now Sagaa has done two contributions. Sagaa doesn’t choose any one sector to get benefited; instead they help people who are in real difficulty.
By Friday evening I received call from Siva and I hesitantly took it, he asked me to come to Five roads. I didn’t know why he is calling me, later he told he is going to donate tricycle to a physically challenged person with the help of Lion’s club through “Association for Disabled People, Salem”. I didn’t even contribute a penny till now to Sagaa trust except clicking pictures. So I went over there with my camera and clicked the picture of the beneficiary and people who present over there. Beneficiary is a bold man he has his own business and said this tricycle will help him a lot to improve the business.
So It’s implied that I should post some pictures of the day, here they are…

Sagaa's quotes by Shiva

Beneficiary receiving the tricycle

Shiva talking with Beneficiary

There are lots of people who don’t care about their disability instead they find out their ability to turn the world towards them.