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The Right Way to Answer “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”


First Impression in Interviews

“First Impression is the best impression” is a well know quote to everyone around the globe. When we attend any training to equip ourselves to ace interviews, the trainer will say your first impression plays a major in the selection process. And you know there needs to be a good first impression, but you don’t know what it is all about and why is it so important. This article will let you know the reason behind the saying .

First impression is created by the way you act in the interview in the first 5 – 20 seconds time. In the first instance whether you are showing a broad smile, making eye contact with the interviewer, the words that you use to describe you, and of course your dressing sense is vital in impressing the interviewer.  Continue reading

Study before your interview

Interviews are assessing your capability to check whether you will fit for the that job you have opted. Interviewee is always getting confused what to study and what not to study before an interview. To be frank, there are no rules set for any interviewer to ask systematic questions. As an interviewer they are going to study about you, you as a candidate need to prove that you are fit for the job. Interviewee should study few things before they attend any interview. Even though you have experience you need to study even though you have confidence about you. The questions that are posted in many interview tips blog or website will talk mostly on the ways that you can answer the most expected questions, but to answer it you must do some ground work that is what we are going to see today. I would suggest you to do this at least before a month or minimum of two week before you attend an interview.

Company knowledge Importance

Continue reading

Non verbal mistakes in an Interview.


This picture is roaming in Facebook, here they found many non verbal movements that help interviewers to evaluate a candidates. Also they have pointed out the common non verbal mistakes that we do during an interview. Take a note of it, then have a note while you enter into the interview hall. Hope this will help you out 🙂

Interview tips from Sherly Sandberg speech

I don’t know what happened during the interview I have answered the questions very well, but I didn’t get through. If your mind is reciting these words. There is something you need to ponder upon. Yes the world is changing as it changes the requirements of the companies varies. You job role nowadays are getting into a narrow path, understand there are three to four employers in MNC’s working only for releasing offer letters. In this case, companies is seeking for “Doers” not “Learners”.

Don’t just be happy after framing a right resume, resume is just a gateway. Whatever you have mentioned is just giving you an edge to get a seat in the reception not in the office. So what is highly required to get the office seat.Let’s learn lesson from Sherly Sandberg, COO, Facebook. She gave a wonderful speech at Harvard Business School yesterday. Sherly told HBS 2012 batch students to build skills instead of building their resume. Continue reading

Impress your interviewer

    Career_LadderAll the interviews happening around the world have only one goal from the candidate point of view. He/She just want to impress the interviewer so that they will fetch a job in the company. Even if the company is putting you into number of interview, your duty as a candidate is to get through that round by impressing you interviewer. If you are impressing your interviewer that should not explicitly exposed. They can easily identify you if you are trying to do so. So where does it start, is that only in the board room that your interview is schedule. No, there are many other places where candidates need to concentrate on to get the interviewers’ attention. Interviewers consider lot of cues while selecting a candidate. One should know where it starts and how it should be done. I hope this post can help you in getting an idea on how to impress the interview.

This image is getting circulated in Facebook and I feel it’s worth sharing here also. This is the major difference you should know while framing your resume , hope this will help you all.