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Creating an advert with a hidden meaning or image can be joyful for marketers. However, is it meaningful to use them in marketing campaigns?. As a marketer, one has to seek advice from academic think tanks before creating such an advert. Commercials that imbue consumers through hidden meanings may lose the entire plot. This article discuss on the realm of subliminal perception.

To put it simple, subliminal perception are cues (can be an image, sound, or any other object) that are not processed by our brain consciously(see Figure 1). In other words, they are not seen by consumers and it is not perceivable immediately. Have you observed Baskin and Robbins logo, is there anything different? (see Figure 2).


Figure 1: Supraliminal  vs Subliminal. Retrieved from http://blog.visme.co

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Neuromarketing – An Introduction

An emerging field in India and explored field in western countries. Neuromarketing is studying the consumers brain rather than asking questions through a survey. The term was coined by “Ale Smidts” in the year 2002, the research works started to proliferate from the year 2004. A book titled “Buyology” written by Martin Lindstorm is completely based on Neuromarketing research. Neuromarketing research explores the brain of the consumers to capture their unconscious brain. Researchers were able to find that humans are taking most of their decisions irrationally rather than rationality. Irrational thinking happens due to emotional response and unconscious brain. To understand better, when you were learning to ride a bike every part of your body was consciously working to control the bike and think about your situation now you are controlling the bike unconsciously. Even when you are buying a product you do the same, while choosing a product you are not using your rational brain instead your irrational brain (emotional) works better. To understand a conscious brain it’s easy, but to understand the unconscious brain it’s tough so researchers took the help from neuroscience. And that’s why neuromarketing is important. Neuromarketing Continue reading