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In conversation with Mr.Muralitharan

 Mr. Muralitharan is my student who worked for Photon Infotech (as Business Development Executive) for a year and three months and he is going to join 4i apps soon as Pre Sales Executive. This guy normally questions me in the class and ask doubts for which I was not able to reply most of the times. With his own effort and hard work he got placed in Photon Infotech. He came back to college today to get his degree certificate.

Inbetween, today we had a small conversation on what students should to gain and understand to get into the right career. Murali himself has transformed into a seasoned professional. I think the corporate world certainly does better than the academics or may be we can call that as maturity also. He wanted to share few things to the students who are going to complete their studies, I’m putting it here for everyone to read. Continue reading


5 reasons for career stagnation

Coming out of the college, getting place in a company immediately it’s spring time for any person. When days go on, and on, and on you feel the pinch. Somewhere are somehow I am not recognized, paid well, motivated well.  This exist in many employees mind. This article throws light on why your career got stagnated and the five reasons for it.Career_Ladder

1) You didn’t geared up: World is running so fast and competitors surmounting day by day. Updating the knowledge is really important. Lack of knowledge, lack of confidence in executing your work, and fear of taking responsibility are few things to be noted under this heading. Hence head start and gear up gain knowledge to climb up the career ladder. Continue reading