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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Experienced Resume – How to write it?

As a fresh college graduate its easy to write a resume and even if you make mistakes in your resume it doesn’t matter. An experienced person should always aim for an impeccable resume. Experienced resume varies highly when compared to the fresher resume. While writing an experienced resume you need start a fresh rather than scratching your earlier resume (i.e: your own fresher resume). One has to carefully choose what is required to be mentioned in the resume when they get experienced. Let’s see one by one.

Objective: Since you got a good amount of experience in the field, a plain statement will not help you out. Your objective should state what kind of position you are exactly looking for and obviously it should be related to the job that you are doing now. In case if you are completely changing you job role or industry itself, you need a different objective that need not to match your present job. View full article »

Overcoming Notional Suppression

Notional suppression is the new term in the town now. Many went through my blog and commented on the blog post I wrote about notional suppression. Notional suppression could take your entire life, after going through the previous blog post, I hope you are now aware of the notional suppression. It’s time to overcome the notional suppression. The solution will have two parts, one will talk about how you are supposed to act when you are getting suppressed and second one will be on how to avoid suppressing people. To read further, you should have an idea of notional suppression, the links are already attached with this blog post. Please click it and go through it.  View full article »

Notional Suppression

Everyone has their own preconceived notion in their mind about anything or on anyone. When they impose upon these preconceived notions on anyone else then it becomes “notional suppression”. Not all the notions are wrong, when those notions are pulling down a person mentally and that should be noted and rectified.

Think about a day when your father told that you are not good, if he continues to say till your life without noticing how you grew stronger and bigger and that will ruin your entire life, you will start believing that you are not good after sometime. View full article »

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 – Scintillating Experience

Organizing a TEDx event is just like climbing mount Everest without oxygen mask. One has to plan at least three to four months to organize an ordinary TEDx event. If you need to bring out an extra ordinary TEDx event, you need at least one year to accomplish it.

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 – the idea kick started in the month of April when Mr.Ali Ibrahim approached me to organize it. I told him, ” Yes, we can go ahead, with a condition applied”. He asked me what is the condition. I replied him that, “TEDxSonaCollege 2012 and TEDxSonaCollege 2013 happened with a support from our college, the college provided us Rs.40000 and Rs.25000 respectively. This year we will work on a self-sustaining mode, where we will not get money from the college but we will get the venue support”. When I said this condition, I felt this guy will not turn up again to organize one such event.

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 Team

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 Team

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Tips for blog writing

Blogging is a hobby for many and there are few people who take it up seriously as a business and do it. Few even rely for their daily bread by blogging day and night. I maintain this blog for around three years and out my experience I would like to share few tips on blogging. If your intention is to improve the statistics page of your blog then I hope the tips I share will help you. 

Tip 1 # Write more: I have seen my statistics drop down when I don’t write regularly. When I started to read how the search engine works, I found it depends on keywords, links in the website and freshness of the content. Keywords and links do have a major role. Let’s talk about it later on. Google crawlers normally finds the webpage that has a fresh content, hence write more to get more views. View full article »

Resolution revisited

Feeling great about the year 2015. First time in my life I have taken a list of resolution to accomplish some goals. I think, it’s time to revisit what has happened to those resolutions so far. Taking resolution is easy and achieving the set targets everyday is a daunting task. So, can one think of taking a resolution in their life?? Will answer this question in the last paragraph, before that we will take a look at what happened to my resolution. The list of resolution with their accomplishment in approximate percentage level is given for your

Resolution 1# Wake up by 5 am everyday – I followed it up strictly during the month of January and failed to accomplish during February and March. This month ( April ), I’m waking up by 5 am to go for a job to accomplish resolution number 3.

Resolution 2# Read at least 50 pages of new information ( includes books, newspaper, magazines and so on) – I feel I haven’t done really good here. I was able to read 4 to 5 pages a day but not 50 pages. May be during the next year I will have to set the target in a different way. View full article »

Neuromarketing – An Introduction

An emerging field in India and explored field in western countries. Neuromarketing is studying the consumers brain rather than asking questions through a survey. The term was coined by “Ale Smidts” in the year 2002, the research works started to proliferate from the year 2004. A book titled “Buyology” written by Martin Lindstorm is completely based on Neuromarketing research. Neuromarketing research explores the brain of the consumers to capture their unconscious brain. Researchers were able to find that humans are taking most of their decisions irrationally rather than rationality. Irrational thinking happens due to emotional response and unconscious brain. To understand better, when you were learning to ride a bike every part of your body was consciously working to control the bike and think about your situation now you are controlling the bike unconsciously. Even when you are buying a product you do the same, while choosing a product you are not using your rational brain instead your irrational brain (emotional) works better. To understand a conscious brain it’s easy, but to understand the unconscious brain it’s tough so researchers took the help from neuroscience. And that’s why neuromarketing is important. Neuromarketing View full article »

New Year Resolution – An Ambitious Plan

New year for anyone is setting standards for themselves, we actually aspire to do lot of good things in the coming year. Successful people when they deliver a lecture or in an interview say they had a focused plan to achieve their objectives. Some of them say they have set a goal for their life and working on them with a checklist. I have never ever taken resolution when a new year starts but for 2015 I have planned to frame few resolutions and aiming to achieve it. I really liked the book NUDGE written by Carl Sunstien and Richard Thaler on human behavior and efficient way to use them. Humans have lot of biases which we cannot control them but if we use it properly by a Nudge, it will certainly benefit them a lot.

Do you use the same soap or do you switch brand every time you buy?. If you say I switch brand every time based on the price and quality, certainly you don’t really belong to the world of humans, you will be called as econs ( when you make the right purchase, even if you switch). We are bound to be irrational all the time rather then being rational. If you say I use the same and I don’t worry about the price change, you are actually subjected to an bias called as “Status Quo” or “Default error”. We like to do things repeatedly without much change in order to avoid risk even though there is a worthy alternative available. Likewise, I’m simply going to Nudge myself with this bias. Following up something that I’m writing here as resolution for the year 2015 ( it works like default error ). I’m writing only few resolutions for this year since the management concepts say you should have SMART goals ( S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Achievable, R – Realistic and T – Timely). Here begins my list of resolutions View full article »

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