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This image is getting circulated in Facebook and I feel it’s worth sharing here also. This is the major difference you should know while framing your resume , hope this will help you all.


Preparing your resume – Step 2

              I was in a dilemma whether to integrate this blog with my wordpress blog I think it’s stupidity to integrate, since this blog is well known for many people.              There is a lot of change in my life that hindered me in writing articled in this blog. So a small update about me. I am glad to say that, “I am now an Assistant Professor with Sona College of Technology”. With the change over I am really finding time to write for the benefit of fresh graduates.I have frequently changed my career that didn’t let me down till now. Whenever I attend an interview I got selected. I have failed many times in interviews that I attended as a fresher and after that I really didn’t faced any difficulty in finding another job since your previous job gives you an edge over others. Also whenever I change the job I try to gather information about the company as well as about the job profile, that’s the success mantra to get a job.Now let’s get into the topic, you might know how to write you aim with the last post. In this post I would like to explain how the educational qualifications should be written on a resume. For fresh graduates it’s their educational qualification helps them to get an interview. While screening your resume HR’s will note down your educational qualification also they will ask you many questions your basic qualification. There are different ways that you can put down your qualifications. People use different formats like Tables or List down method. See the examples given below.

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Preparing your Resume – Step by Step approach.

             I started my career as HR executive which gave me an edge to get a job in SONA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES as Assistant Professor. I am writing this blog when I started to work by getting information’s from many people I meet and gaining insights by attending many interviews. I hope, I am able to get in some sort of information which will be useful to people.             I am starting a series of resume preparation plan, I would like to begin with some general aspects later we will move into the details.When I put down a sample resume in my blog, which post topped with highest number of view than any other post. It has two options, one is they want to look and get an idea of preparing a resume or they just want to copy it. Follow these steps to get a perfect resume  
1) Gather all the details required for the resume.
2) Conceive an idea.
3) Create a picture in your mind, like which one will come first and what’s going to be next.
4) Put in all the details in a blank paper or in MS Word.
5) Include the qualifications related to the job.
6) In case you have applied for a Recruiter job, include the additional courses (if any) you have completed in Human Resources (HR). In case you are applying for Animator job, you need to mention about the programming skills that is related to the profession.
7) Right from the beginning your resume should target the job and your resume should get an opportunity to meet the interviewers. To grab that opportunity it’s not intended to give fake or faulty information, this will affect your performance in the interview.
8) Double check the information you provided. Have supporting documents to validate the details given by you.
9) Use simple, crisp and short words to explain your qualification and credentials.
10)  Highlight your achievements and aspects related to the job.
11) Quantify the details.

a.        For Example: – When you apply for a sales executive job, instead of putting “Increased the sales of the company”, you can put it like “Increased 50% of the sales” or “Generated $5 million revenue to the company”. This will help you in establishing yourself among others.
      12)   Put the latest information first and continue in the descending order.
      13)   Include valuable references in your resume.
      14)   Ensure you have included personal details in the resume.
      15)   Don’t have more filler to make your resume to two or three pages. Fresher are advised to have short two paged resume.
Almost these are the key points you should have in your mind to frame a resume. We will move in detail to get more clarity.  Resume starts with an aim or objective or introduction, which is helpful in understanding the career plan of an individual. When it’s a walking recruiters or HR’s might not read through it. Yet I did that when I screened people’s resume to understand whether he prepare the resume by himself or it’s copied from someone else.
Aims always have an impact in your resume; experienced people will put their years of experience in their aim itself and start writing about their expectations. While fresher will go ahead with just their interest, since we are more interested in helping fresher candidate our discussion will be only about Fresher’s.
                “Seeking a job……….”
                “To obtain a job….”
                “Looking for an opportunity…”
All these words are stating a purpose but it’s not stating your interest. You need to be clearer in framing your aim. It should start like,
                “Seeking a HR job…”, “To obtain a software programmer position….”…
Convey them about your suitability for the position. When you are looking for Marketing job and if your qualification is MBA Marketing, include in your aim that you have marketing skills and knowledge.

                “To work with an organization as Marketing professional where I can utilize my marketing skills and Knowledge that I obtained academically…”
Also if you know the designation of the job you can directly mention it in the aim. Else try to relate the aim according to the job position. Convey them how you can contribute to the organization and development of the same. Don’t generalize your resume, if you are applying for some other position change the aim according to the position. Too lengthy aim will not attract the recruiter. When I look into the fresher resume, I would look into their interest to the particular job and how well he is interest in contributing to the company. In case of experienced resume, I will look for their experience and then followed by the job they are interested now.
Frame the aim or objective correctly in order to grab the attention of the HR.
Enjoy your day.

Resume – Words make the difference

Initial interface of a person for an interview is “Resume”. Each and every words you put in the resume conveys Who you are and what you are. Choosing the right word ensure you to get placed in the dream job. Here are the words which are advised to use in a resume. This list was give by British Council of India.

·         More than… years’ extensive and diverse experience in…..
·         I have demonstrated skills in…
·         I have extensive academic/practical background in…
·         I am experienced in all aspects of…
·         I have knowledge of…
·         I am proficient in…
·         I have provided technical assistance to…
·         I am in charge of/supervise…
·         I co-ordinate…
·         I’m familiar with…
·         I handle…
·         I’m responsible for…
·         Extensive training / involvement in…
·         Proficient / competent at …
·         I specialize in…
·         I am an effective (IT user)…
·         I have proficiency in…
·         I’ve edited…
·         I’ve established/created/designed…
·         I’ve formulated…
·         I’ve initiated…
·         I’ve implemented / managed / presented…
·         I’ve worked closely with…
·         I’ve collaborated with…
·         I’ve constant interaction with….
·         I have enabled…
  • I have proven track record in…
  • I have successfully completed (+course)…

Social Networking in Job search

In the era of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, utilizing these website we can find a job. This kind of job search is not so familiar and yet to be explored by students as well as professionals. Out of these three website I would suggest students to have an account in Linked In and build relationship and rapport with the HR’s and try to figure out your prospective job. I have read an interesting article, which shows the potential and reach of social networking site out of the three I mentioned above, Facebook ranks first followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.


While talking about Facebook, you can certainly use it to find out jobs by joining groups. Find out groups like fresher jobs, fresh jobs in US like that, become a member and get constant update in that particular group. Also people nowadays started sharing about the jobs openings in their status messages. One particular page which helps people like me is HR Guru, here I get updates on job opening in HR field. I would suggest you to add in such kind of groups or pages suiting your interest and find out a job.


In case of twitter, you will have to use the # tag option and find out the post related to the job openings. You can follow tags like #fresh jobs #recruitment #India jobs, also there are website which helps in announcing openings for fresh graduates like , and etc. They have twitter account with them, so they tweet the openings follow them to get constant updates.


LinkedIn is the last one, but not the least one. A powerful portal to get connected with recruiter, hr professionals and career consultants. There are many groups where HR’s post their jobs and requirements. Open an account and make your profile look better and add activities you are interested, your achievements and accolades. Aware , don’t boast your such too much. Give invitation to HR people, have a word with them and keep in touch with them constantly, they may not be in a position to help you finding a job, at least they can  help you in giving leads. In the upcoming post we will explore more about Linked In and its utilities.Stay in social network for a good purpose. Social networking for recruitment is the emerging, but that cannot match the other recruitment tools.

Be aware

After a month break, I would like to write a small post. This is not going to be a part of Interview tips, but this is a kind of awareness.We are in an era of social network, where people don’t see face to face, instead they go for Facebook.
This is a high time to be more cautious while you share your information to third person. Especially when you are searching for a job or working currently. You email id or website that you mention in your resume might turn evil.

Whenever you are giving your resume to the recruiter, there is email id mentioned in the resume for sure. If a recruiter wants to explore about you and want to know about your activities they will certainly go for a search with your email id in Google. If they find out some thing, related to your blog, facebook, linkedin, they peep in and might try to get some clue.

There are occasions where employee’s got sacked because of maintaining a blog related to their work. This situation may happen to you. Read this article 

A Simple Tip:-

So be aware while you give the Email ID,create a separate Email Id for your employment search, and maintain it properly. This will also helps you in organizing things. Where you can get updates about your jobs and alerts separately.

I usually advise students to give a good email id, for example if I am giving my email id as , likewise do you really like it. You need to be more professional in framing your email id itself. Instead you can give your full name , ex:

Internet is a huge place for privacy exposure.

Recommend to this to your friends!! Cheers!!

Job hunt among the crowd

People hunt  jobs all the time, experienced people look out for change and freshers hunt to start their career. After all the campus drives got dried up, students who didn’t get through the Campus or students who are not interested with the campus placements will get into the open job market.
Walk in Interviews


Open job market has wide variety of jobs and there are certain key things need to be noted when you search for the job. In open job market, B.E graduates might get call for a BPO Job/Tech Support  Job/Marketing. This has to be noted down.  Its time to handle all the calls and to choose the right job for us.
If you want to avoid certain jobs what you have to do,
1) Be more specific in the job you are looking for, write up the same thing in the as your expectatioin in the introduction headline of Naukri.
2) If you are not interested with the job opening, don’t show attitude towards the recruiter. Its always better to maintain a good rapport with the recruiter, since you might need his help at some other occasion.
3) In Naukri or Monster , you have column called skills. It refers to the specific skills that you have as a graduate or a person.  Be clear in that zone and put the specific skills. For example, I am a IT recruiter. So my skills would be :- IT recruitment.
4) Prepare resume according to your preferred job.
Always prefer the job which suits your interest and character. Now, we will move in to tackling the Open Job Market.
Open job market always have huge supply with limited demand. So there are precautions you need to take care in order to succeed.
 Lets get into a walk in,
1) In walkins, you need to be there on time even if the company is delaying. Walkins are attended by too many people ( More than 20+) In my personal experience when we put a walkin for Engineering graduates we had around 1000+ gradutes walked into the venue, so we collected the resume and sent the candidates back after that we gave them a call and conducted the test batch wise. All the companies may not follow the same process, it depends upon the time.  Rush yourself to the venue on or before the time and submit your resume to have a happy interview.
2) Even though, it’s a walkin you must study about the company that play a key role in selection. Since people get information through a friends even with any knowledge about the company they simply walkin.
3) Show decorum and decency even if you are in a crowd of 1000+. Your attitude towards attending the interview matter a lot.
4) When you are appearing for an interview among the crowd, you will have to face atleast 3 – 5 rounds of interview. So, keep yourself free for around 3 – 7 days.
5) Browse through all the basic subjects since you are a fresher.
6) Show pateince because there would only small group will be available to handle 1000+ people.
7) If it’s a scheduled interview, its your luck. You will have time to impress the interviewer. In case of walkin you will have limited time to impress the interviewer. Be crisp and clear while you answer the question.
8)Show consistent performance in all the rounds.
9) In walkins, you will certainly have intial screening round like written test, Group Discussion and Technical test. Prepare yourself to clear the intial rounds.
10) After clearing the intial rounds you will specific technical rounds. Hence browse through all the basic stuffs related to the job profile.
If you take care of all these things you will be certainly one among the thousands who will walkin into the company after the interview.
Rock on friends!!
Balachandar Kaliappan.


T+T+C = Success

Worried about your interviews. Throw all those things and work on three things which will help you entering the gates. The three things might not be threatening you, because mostly you will find it in the motivation stories or speech. They are


Even if you are a fresher or an experienced guy, all the companies hire you for the talent you possess. We have different talents and all of them might be useful to the company. So pick out the talent which is suitable and expected by the company and work on it, that’s the way you have to start as a fresher. From freshers, interviewer expect you to answer the basic questions. If you are experienced, check whether your experience really worth for the number of year you were working, else brush up all the things in which you have been working. Experience people have two different scenarios, when they go to the top notch companies they will be interviewed by technical team leads or team leads of the company, so if you are 1 year experienced in one company they expect you to have the knowledge of that one year. Another scenario is that you will be recruited as an employee and a new department under you might be formed so, you might need to generously explain what you will you do as a team lead or primary executor. Understand the situation and speak in the interview.


Most finest aspect to note down is trust. You should speak to the HR in the sense they should trust you. It can be build if you are talking the true facts to them. If you are trying to hide anything , your facial reactions will certainly show it. So, I would say be true to all the interviewers, interact with them freely and instill trust in your name, certainly you are hired.

Interviewee should establish confidence all the time, even when the HR or the Interviewer speak negative to you. Self confidence play a major role in getting yourself succeeded in the interview. Confidence play a major role since all the job involves targets, stress and pressure. Taking things easy and playing with helps you a lot. Speak with a bold voice to show the confidence, softer your voice you will be perceived as a submissive personality. So be aware.
Talent + Trust + Confidence = Success

Enjoy your interview. Don’t lose confidence.
Failures are the stepping stone to success.
Balachandar K.

Tell me about yourself – Redefined

                A question which doesn’t have time limit and framed answer, but plays a major role in an Interview is Tell me about yourself? Candidates are always prepared for this question; I feel that preparation itself puts them in a bad situation when they forget the content.  There are many ways candidates follow to answer the question.  There are several formats which are followed by the job seekers to grab the opportunity.
The formats usually followed by many people out here in the interview is to tell the details about their
          Personal Interest
          Extra- curricular activities
Stand out of the crowd
Mostly this format is followed by many fresh graduates , but I have listened to some who put it differently to grab my attention towards them in the first instance.
They start with what they are and why they love this job and also they add how they are the suitable fit for the job. This format helps in the interviewer to understand about the person effectively. Also helps the interviewee in certain extend. When he shoots outs his/her interest the interviewer ask questions in that area, it’s an advantage of the candidate where he will receive question of their choice.
Eventually it makes the job easy for the interviewer too.
Also when you add the learning’s that you got in the internships or projects that adds more value to your answer.
 I would suggest you to follow a different format while answering the interview questions to bring out the best from you. In all the answers try to relate yourself to the job and job role to impress the interviewer.
If you are following a format of your own you can stand out from the crowd and get through the gates with ease.
Let it be your day!!

Job description – Interview.

Interviews are different and answers are different but the job role is which you applied for is not going to vary in your life. Job description plays a major role in your selection process, as you go through the vacancy notification in any company you forget to notice the job description as a fresher. Even some times experienced people forget to notice the job description. There are many occasions where I interview a interviewee and I ask about the job description, the candidate some times stand blank on this question or else they just say a different role. This creates a aversion and doubt about the candidate, it makes me to think whether to hire this candidate or not. Since he doesn’t know what he is going to do as when he enters in the company there is no meaning in hiring the candidate. One must always get to know about the job description before he attends an Interview.

There are some circumstances where you really don’t know what the job description is, in case of Campus hiring mostly for technical jobs they don’t mention the job description, but for the non technical jobs they give out the job description. 
In some place when consultants work for recruiting people they just tell the job title not the job description. It is a must to get clarified about the job description.
Why knowing about the job description is so important ??
1) It helps recruiters to screen the candidates easily.
2) If you know the job description clearly your probability of getting selected increases.
3) It helps you pick up the right job which suits your character.
4) It makes you to prepare for your interview. 
Only there are points but the will help you in preparing for the interview. Get to know about the job description or job role very well before you attend an interview that will help you a lot.