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In conversation with Mr.Muralitharan

 Mr. Muralitharan is my student who worked for Photon Infotech (as Business Development Executive) for a year and three months and he is going to join 4i apps soon as Pre Sales Executive. This guy normally questions me in the class and ask doubts for which I was not able to reply most of the times. With his own effort and hard work he got placed in Photon Infotech. He came back to college today to get his degree certificate.

Inbetween, today we had a small conversation on what students should to gain and understand to get into the right career. Murali himself has transformed into a seasoned professional. I think the corporate world certainly does better than the academics or may be we can call that as maturity also. He wanted to share few things to the students who are going to complete their studies, I’m putting it here for everyone to read. Continue reading


Anger – Making sense

Ten months ago, two people create an awareness on why anger is required for people. One is Kailash Satyarthi and another person is Barack Obama. Anger is evil for your health, please control your anger and so on are the advises given by your elders and care takers. Kailash Satyarthi, child right activist who has rescued more than 85,000 kids delivered a speech at TED conference and said the purpose of anger. Barack obama at White House Correspondence had an anger translator to create an awareness among everyone about “Why we need to worry about Climate Change”.

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Let’s ride a bike – Accelerate yourself

A bike fitted with the right engine and supplied with fuel is put into function only when it has three other components. Kick Start or Electric start, Spark Plugs and Accelerator are the components I wanted to mention here. Let’s explore how these three are related to our life.

While you are driven towards success, you need to understand that your passion and hard work is highly essential, yet they should accelerate at a faster rate in order to succeed in this competitive world. You find many people thinking in the same way you think, they have intellectual capacity like you, even they do have resources, educational qualification, and so on in this world.

Accelerate yourself to taste success

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Let’s ride a bike – Fuel it up

Engine is the inevitable part of a bike, similarly your passion is what drives you to reach success. Identifying your passion is the first step towards success. People have ambitions to change the world, and also they are clear with their passion statement. Even though they don’t come up in life. Reason is they just “day dreamed” about their future and failed to work on the dream.Hard-Work-Ant Continue reading

Let’s ride a bike – Engines of passion

My dad earned Rs.400 per month when he started to work by 1980’s. The money that he earned won’t be sufficient to run a family even during that time. Sincere efforts and dedication puts him in a good position now. Myself and my brother are working with satisfaction and my mom leads a good life. During my childhood days, I never realized how my father is earning money for the daily bread but when I worked for a data entry company(part-time), I understood the pains my father undergoing all these years. Myself and my brother stopped demanding for anything when we realized his efforts to bring up our family.

My bike

My bike

When I was working as HR (Human Resource) executive, my father used to ask me, “Do you need a bike for commuting?”. Happily I said “No Dad”, realizing his situation. When I got a job in my hometown I demanded for a bike, my father bought it just a week by pledging my moms jewels. Continue reading

Let’s ride a bike – Embrace yourself

Success is infectious. When you travel towards it you need captivate on one aspect that is “Embracing yourself”. Success and embracing yourself go together. Getting edgy over others victory and feeling down you lose will never help in reaching the success point.

Paulo Coelho rightly pointed out in his book “The Alchemist” – “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. We have listened to many people around us actively and we listen to our mind passively. Our inner soul says numerous backlogs that we possess, we actively skip it of. Continue reading

Let’s ride a bike – Towards Success

Universe formed from a big bang before 13.7 billion years ago, earth was born before 4.54 billion years ago and human were born just 2,00,000 years ago. As human we live on earth for very few years but we aspire to carve our name in the history. History doesn’t imbibe everyone’s name but it recounts on people who were successful. People dream in nights and its common, when people dream in morning with their eyes open aiming to achieve something is what I call as “Success”. If one conspires to be successful in their life they need to understand successful first. Continue reading