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Why Professors abroad inspire me

By 2010, I sent an email to Prof. Parasuraman and Prof. Valarie A Zeithamal to discuss about my MBA project work. I used SERVQUAL model to assess the after sales service quality of Shankar Energy Private Limited, Chennai. I knew that the model can be used for analyzing service quality of any company, I doubted whether the same questionnaire can be used for analyzing after sales service quality.

Since it is a research project you must validate your questionnaire. It is not fair to adopt any questionnaire simply without any literature back up. I mailed Prof. Parasuraman and Prof. Zeithamal. I was surprised, I got a reply back from them just in a day. I have sent mails to some Indian professors too, they never replied me back. Does that reply worth appreciating?. Yes, why not?. They are prompt and they acknowledge you, they value your question. This is not the end, there are many common things that really inspire me to stay in the same profession. Continue reading


Che Guevera – An Icon of Revolution

“Che” is not a new name to anyone here, if he is new to you then you didn’t yet struck the chord well, fine tune and study well. Che guvera is well known for Cuban Revolution who graduated as a doctor. He is a personality not only appears only on youngsters T Shirt. His cult is still existing in many youngsters but they are dormant, if it emerges out the world will certainly see the next world war that is what Che was also trying to do. Even after first and second world war there where many things still kept unnoticed that led to this Cuban revolution lead by Che Guvera along with Fidel Castro. Continue reading