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World Environment Day and Negligence.

June 5th doesn’t need to remind us, “It’s Environment Day Dude”. It’s our responsibility to remember and conserve nature for our future generation. People around us might not bother much about environment , you might be worrying why they don’t care about it. Even some don’t realize neglecting environment is going to cause a big disaster. Yet they feel when there is a problem like Tsunami, Earthquake, Scorching sun. They blame the nature for not protecting them, really we human beings are thriving on this earth by destroying nature. All those disasters are revenge people. You don’t realize it. We don’t conserve nature also we don’t reap any benefit from it. If you care for nature please do spread the message instead of educating adults educate students (children). We can also educate adults on conserving not by asking them to plant trees, create forest or water plants. Those might be tedious for them yet they can follow simpler things in their home to contribute to our Mother Nature. Continue reading


My students worked for the society.

It was a rainy welcome on the day when I went to Yercaud hill station with my students, my students have a program to uplift village in curriculum wise and it’s named in the college as “Community Development Program”. They took it with interest, started this work before three weeks I didn’t went to a day program since I didn’t feel going over there. On that day itself my students focused on a school in Yercaud. Nobody knows that Yercaud has around 48 schools. Even after having 48 schools in the entire taluk, students discontinue their education due to several reasons. They don’t like to study, so they quit school and enter into a daily wage job. Else they were forced by parents for their daily bread. Unless or until they realize the real benefit of education this scenario will continue forever. So my students chose schools and organized an event over there to motivate students to continue their education.

College Students showing Videos to School students

Mr. Easterly, English Teacher at the school helped us a lot in gathering students in a common hall and also arranged us the speakers and mike sets. He is from Tirunelveli currently doing a wonderful job here. He proudly says he has given 100% results last year in Twelfth standard. And also The Principal in charge Mr. Ali sponsored us Tea and Snacks. We thank them with this post.

Ruban explaining to students about different courses and careers

There are around 15+ students from my team; I would like to list them here since they dedicated their day with the school kids. They organized, conducted games, showed them motivational videos, delivered them lecture about career planning and also gave them tips for cracking tenth examination.
1)    Muthukumar
2)    Kathirvel
3)    Mohan
4)    Eswar
5)    Sujitha
6)    Hima pun
7)    Nithya
8)    Geetha
9)    Rathy
10)    Sathesh
11)    Ruban Jeyaraj
12)    Mohammed Nizar
13)    Sivagami
14)    Yuvaraj
15)    Sennivel

Our students were further motivated by a small article in Thinamani and Tamil Murasu. I will post the pictures here soon!

Earth Hour – March 26th, 2011

Earth Hour on March 26th, 2011 in between 8.30pm and 9.30pm is talk of the world now. It’s not a cause to ponder upon, it’s the need of the future. We need to be in an hour of darkness to enlighten the future. Essence of earth hour is to reduce CO2 emission, conservation of energy, spreading the words of renewable energy and many. It’s a all about energy now we need synergy to accomplish the mission.


Join the league - Earth Hour 2011

Energy the need of the day, when we switch off the light for an hour we are not going to die, its today’s loss for tomorrows gain.

What we have to do on the day??

On March 26th, 2011 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm switch off the lights (equipments, machines, electronic devices which consumes electricity). You need to sacrifice an hour spending your night in candle light. If you have any other idea like spending the hour in a different way intimate this to people who co-ordinate the earth hour.

Apart from participating in the event we can conserve energy in daily routine life, I remember some points read in an article before two years.

1) Switch off all the appliances when it’s not in use.

2) Keep you AC in 24 degree Celsius which is the optimum mode. Put it in sleep during night times.

3) Always buy appliances which has 5 start energy rating.

Energy Rating

4) If you work in the next street don’t take your car or bike. Have a brisk walk which energizes you and conserves energy.

5) Use CFL bulbs instead of normal luminescent bulbs.


CFL Bulbs

6) Plant trees and maintain indoors plants to reduce the CO2 level in your workplace or at home.

7) This one is the last but not the least ” Spread the word about Earth hour with the ways to conserve energy to everyone you meet”

Please check this article for more details on Energy Conservation