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The Psychology of Price – Book review

Leigh Caldwell is an expert in pricing and behavioral economics. He wrote an engaging book titled  “The Psychology of Price” . Book only talks about how to set price for a product and how to manage it. The book has 19 chapters in it and right from the first chapter, the author explains various aspects of pricing using a story of “Chocolate tea-cup” product made by Maggie. Even though the story is fictional the lessons are real.



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Jugaad Innovation – Book review


Companies like Whirlpool spend money like water to bring in a new product that amuse people and also spends crores of rupees to develop and market it. A refrigerator made by the company is costing around 10,000 rupees and you must have electricity support. Taking all the points into his mind, Mr.Prajapathi developed a clay refrigerator which will just cost you Rs.3000 and that don’t require electricity after this wonderful innovation he started his own venture called Mitticool Industries. What an idea sir ji?? Whether these are the lines that you are uttering after reading the story? If yes, then you like Jugaad Mindset. The good news is that we have book to explain about Jugaad Innovation.

Jugaad a Hindi word that trends now in the business world and it’s going to set the future trend of business for sure. Three Indians (Navi Radjou, Jaideeep Prabhu & Simone Ahuja) who worked on this trend and captured insights about Jugaad wrote the book “Jugaad Innovation” which showcased exemplary works of many people with Jugaad mindset. The book starts with explaining the meaning of the word Jugaad by quoting Mitticool Industry story. Continue reading

Ivan than Bala – Tamil Book Review

Paradesi movie got released two days back and that astonished many film makers. Director etched the movie with sheer dedication to bring out perfection. His meticulous plan and hard work will certainly pave way to success. Two weeks before the release of the film I bought the book “Ivan Than Bala” written by himself which was published in Anantha Vikatan magazine.

The book is just an autobiography of a normal person who was idiosyncratic during his teen age. Bala was born in Theni district ( I wonder,how come many people working in kollywood are from this district). The story of Bala will certainly motivate you because we never started a life-like him and may or may not reach the level of Mr.Bala (let’s make it positive – we will exalt for sure). He starts his life so badly, his mother left him alone during his early days and he lived in his Aunt home for few years and came back to his home. Johnny – a goat was the pet of Bala and it’s very close to him. He was mischievous and had all sort of bad habits during his school and college days. Continue reading

What Young India Wants – Book Review

Chetan Bhagat, best-selling author in India who has penned One Night at the Call Center, 3 mistakes of my life, 5 point someone, Revolution 2020, 2 States and now it’s What Young India Wants. If you are fascinated by the fictional work of Chetan certainly you would have bought this book with interest to have a look at it.

“What young India wants” is a book that revolves around Indian Development from the view of the author. It’s not a complete work as such like the earlier books, this book is the collection of articles and columns in several newspapers. The book starts with the brief introduction about Chetan Bhagat and his journey which led him to become an author. After this the book has categorized into three sections 1) Society 2) Politics 3) Our Youth. Continue reading

The $100 Start Up Book Review

A book written for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur, “The $100 Startup” is a step by step guide to people who are passionate to start their own micro business. Gathering experiences of many people around the globe and majority of the story from US based micro businesses. Chris Guillebeau worked hard to collect all the information by personally visiting, mailing, and interviewing individual entrepreneurs. This book compiles around 50 micro business entrepreneurs’ stories that gives you information about every business individuals take on their business. Mattress shop, Coffee shop, Map printing, Consulting business are few examples from the book. Continue reading

Alexander the Great – Tamil Book review

Amazing, amazing, amazing book I have read till now, only because of Alexander the Great. After reading several English books my mind got diverted to read books that are available in my Mother tongue Tamil. You feel good while you read books in your own language. You travel with the story faster and understand every small piece of information clearly. Likewise a small idea helped Alexander to establish himself in front of his father Philip II Macedon. The book starts with explaining Alexander mounting and taming the horse which was a big head ache for many warriors. At the age of 13, Alexander did this scintillating work. For this great achievement Philip bought the horse and gifted it to Alexander, later he name the horse as Becephalus and was very affectionate with the horse. 

Alexander Taming Bucephalus

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Karupu Vellai (Black and White) – Book review.

When you read this book you will understand why the word called “Discrimination” came into this world. It’s not that discrimination is new to this world which came after this book, because we are living in the world of discrimination right from the genesis of human beings. Even today we will be able to see many problems because of discrimination. The days mentioned in this book was the dark days of “Blacks”, this book doesn’t talk only about discrimination but it talk about a man who spent his entire life to eradicate discrimination, to defend the rights of Blacks, to create an equality among human beings. Hope you got his name, he is the great “Martin Luther King”. Continue reading

Sirpiye unnai sethukukiren – Book review

“Sculpting the Sculptor” is the English translation for the title of the book. This book is targeted to Youngsters who are in between 18 – 24 years old. The book has 16 chapters covering different topics that can kindle the senses of Youngsters. Book was written by “Kaviperarusu Vairamuthu“. The words choosen by him will certainly make the youngster to think, boil the blood, makes clarity and creates awareness about life. This book is written only for the age group in between 18 – 24 but the quotes will certainly teach people who needs motivation. Continue reading

Ayeesha – A Short Tamil Story- Book Review

The book is so thin and have only 24 pages, it conveys a enormous information about student teacher relationship. The story starts with a note from a teacher who narrates the day spent with Ayeesha. Ayeesha is a brilliant girl and she is an exemplary example of a student. She is supported by her aunty since she lost her mom and dad. Ayeesha is very active in the class and ask thought provoking questions to the teachers that makes many teachers annoyed. She is been canned by many teachers because of asking question, the only teacher who helped her is none but the teacher who writes this story. Continue reading

Stupid Guy Goes to India – Book Review

When you visit a country you will certainly have a purpose. Yes, Yukichi Yamamatsu is a Manga artist comes to India by 2004 to market his Manga books. Manga is a Japanese word meaning “Comic / Cartoons”. Adults in India don’t have the habit of reading comic books, this strikes Yukichi brain which led him to fly from Japan. As he reached India (New Delhi) he faces a lot of cultural conflicts and undergoes a serious trouble, he has captured the entire happenings through his comic book “Stupid Guy Goes to India”

Yukichi Yamamatsu with his book

When I ordered this book, I really didn’t have any idea about this book. When I received this book I opened and found the front cover reading, “Hey, This is the back cover”. This is the first cultural conflict which made Yukichi to spend one and half years in India to market the book.
Yes this book has to read from the back and that too you will have to read from right to left. I got used to it and I was travelling from Chennai to Salem, a passenger took this book and even I asked him to read from the back. He found it very hard and gave me the book after reading two pages.
After reaching India, Yukichi stays in a Hotel and orders food for him after having a single spoon of food he found it too spicy. The way he depicted in the picture will certainly make anyone to laugh. Later he will find difficulty to get the right auto person also when he changes the auto person there will a conflict between those two auto men. Whenever he goes out people will approach him to sell something at higher price. Since he came with an idea to sell books here, he wanted to take a rented house and stay there. He will not get a house at his budget range of Rs.4500. All the brokers will show him the house at Rs.8000. The houses shown at Rs.4500 will be filthy and it’s of no good.

A page from the book

At last he will find a good house to settle. After that his night mare starts, he will now try to translate his Manga book, for that he will search for many Japan school to find out people who can work for Part Time. Also to find the printing press at his cost, he will spend a lot of time. Once the book is translated with lot of hurdles he will try to sell it in the market. Everyone will come and look at his book, but there is no history of sales. Frustrated Yukichi will do some other business to gain money; he will buy cello tapes and makes an addition to it with steel plates to make it easy to tear.  At least those cello tapes sold a little bit but not his books. The only happiness left when he leaves India is winning Rs.5000+ by betting on horse races.
There is a lot of interesting facts given in the book in a humorous way, so it’s now time for the adult in India to buy comic books and read 🙂