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Packaging: A view through consumer eyes

Supermarkets are inundated with numerous products, brands fight for the shelf space to attract consumers. Brands differentiate their products using colourful and creatively designed packages. By doing this, the brands fight each other silently to win over the consumer who walk across the aisle. However, there is no sales person standing nearby to explain the features of the product. Sonsino (1990) states that the transformation of retail industry demands customers to pick products on their own. Packaging play a huge role in grabbing the attention of the customer when they opt self-servicing. Sonsino (1990) called packaging acts as a “Silent Salesman” in stores. According to Vidales Giovannetti (1995), packaging conveys the benefits and qualities of a product. Additionally, packaging provides the last opportunity to grab the attention of the consumers (Mc Daniel & Baker, 1977).


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Culture – Bonding and Branding

It is Christmas time! Christmas party and songs are alluring me. Bangor University is celebrating Christmas in many ways: the main reception of the university welcomes everyone with a huge “International Christmas Tree” decorated with plastic litter collected from the beach, YoYo application of Bangor Eat – Drink unit has announced multiple offers, and different clubs and societies are running Christmas based events.

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Christmas means a lot to people – isn’t it?. For me, Christmas means “Sharing”. It will vary with people based on the cues that they have observed during their life time. The ways in which Christmas celebrated is also different in different countries (To check them). Continue reading

Delving into Minimalism

Minimalist are the group of people who defy the term “Consumerism“. Consumerism promotes acquisition and accumulation of goods. On the other hand, minimalism is a lifestyle that embraces “less is more” concept. There are very less documented scientific evidence available about this lifestyle. However, books on minimalism galore in online market place.

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