On 24th September, 2017 Bangor University Serendipity fair welcomed the entire student community across the globe. Over 100 societies, 50 clubs for sports, and around 30 different volunteering projects – the entire PJ hall and parking space at the back and front the main arts building were jam-packed. Just imagine a society – get into serendipity fair and you will certainly find it, if not start one on your own. Wow, that is how students are empowered at Bangor University.

Serendipity Fair - Bangor University

Bangor University – Serendipity Fair

All the clubs and societies are FREE to join! Do you need to be an expert to be a community – NO, not at all. Anyone who is willing to join are welcomed with a broad smile on their face. How to join them? – That is really easy, just sign up during the serendipity fair.

Powish Hall

Powis Hall – Serendipity Fair – Here I found comedy club, zoosoc and many more.

You get innumerable free offerings from the societies and clubs. Companies like Amazon promoted their Student Prime Offer, Dominos Pizza gave a free pizza coupon and some free pizza slices,cakes,  bookmarks, pens, pencils, water, juice and so many gift items were given to the students who walked in.

One society that inspired me a lot was Zoosoc. They came with all friendly insects and reptiles. Also they a chance to touch them.


If you have joined / or planning to join Bangor try to come early and enjoy the serendipity fair. Opportunities galore – just grab them early.