R programming is an open source software programming available for data analyst and researchers. 23 years back it was developed by John Chambers and it was called as S Programming. Later this was developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman and was named as R Programming. By the year 2000, a stable version of R got released. It is now developed by R development core team.

This language makes the job of data scientist easier compared to any other software available in the market. It is growing at a faster pace compared to other languages like Python, SCALA,SAS, SPSS and so on.


Growth of R programming – Source: https://onlinecourses.science.psu.edu

When we hear the term programming language and people gets scared of it and stops pursuing the course. Yet this language is very easy to learn. If you want to get trained on it, multiple resources are available for free. Especially in Leanpub you will get the contents of Prof.Roger D. Peng for free. Hence learning R programming is easy once you set your mind right. Also R website has manuals to make the learning easy. It is not only restricted to reading and you can also learn by doing.

How to learn faster! Practice it.

There are several website available to give you hands on experience in R programming right from the basics.

  1. Datacamp – Best website available for you to learn the basics of R programming and basics of statistics using R is also taught by renowned experts across the globe.
  2. TryR – Very basic elementary coding concepts R programming can be learned here.
  3. Edx – Edx runs many courses on R programming, but a course titled “Programming with R for Data Science” run by Microsoft along with Datacamp teaches you the fundamentals of R and also it give you a chance to work online with R programming. You will never have to learn by downloading the software into your system.
  4. CourseraProf. Roger D. Peng along with his colleagues of John Hopkins University is running a series of MOOC courses that educates on basics until developing data science products. Name of the course is Data Science Specialization. Also Duke university teaches Statistics with R  course, this course will also help you, but the course doesn’t really teach you the basics of R programming like the structure of the code and other nuances.
  5. Swirlstats – If you wish to use R programming and learn along with it by coding, this is the best option you have. Swirl stats uses the console in R programming environment and it helps us to learn right from the fundamentals till data analysis.
  6. Youtube – Just type R programming, you will get multiple results to educate yourself. Search for Hadley Wickham videos on using dplyr package which will certainly be useful when you deal with voluminous data.

If you are beginner and have no experience of coding start with TryR or Edx course or Datacamp website. Then you can move to Coursera course taught by Roger D Peng, to complete the course assignment you need to use Swirl Stats.

At any case, you need to write coding on a daily basis and spend sometime to get trained. R programming has 7801 packages as on January 2016, you can use packages to make your analysis easy. Try to find the best packages that can suit for your purpose and learn it.