Happy May day to everyone. Today I posted a status in the Facebook which caused a stir in just five hours. The status was not meant to hurt anyone feelings, yet to make clear that actors are not demigods and they don’t contribute to you and your life. Here is the Facebook status.

“People who celebrate Actor Ajith birthday and Kabali teaser release are the ones who don’t celebrate their parents birthday” quote-weak-people-revenge-strong-people-forgive-intelligent-people-ignore-albert-einstein-124-25-28

The status update clearly says that one who value the actors are not equally valuing their parents. For this status , many started to argue that the statement that I said is wrong. They are partly right, why?. I’m not supposed to generalize things on my own without any statistics. Any intuitive opinion is wrong. So I’m wrong!. Yet whatever I wanted to convey is conveyed. I’m never worried about what others say. As you care for your actors, you can care for your parents.

Just pulling over some comments for discussion here. Mr.RamKarthick said “If you don’t like leave it, why are you posting it in Facebook”. My reply to him is simple, “If you don’t like my status update, leave it”. Mr.Muthu said, emotions are different, we don’t really post about our happiness with parents in Facebook. My reply to him, ” I never worry about your updates too”.

Understand the fact that I wanted to just tell you guys that you can do better things than celebrating that.

And on April 22, I posted a statement comparing actors with teacher and even for that debate went on. The status update for your view,

Respect given to an actor or actress is not given to a teacher. ‪#‎kalikaalam‬

To be frank, being a teacher I realize the respect given to teaching fraternity is very poor. Who is responsible for the behavior of the student?. It can be due to the teacher, parents, friends, actors or the society.

What I’m able to find is that, they don’t like comparing actor with parents or with teachers. Hence it is proved actors are not comparable to both of them, they why the hell are you running behind those actors?. In age, when you need to settle in your life, when you need to take care of your parents, and when you need to help the society.

I can see students who are not able to work for a cause, what are you guys doing in your free hours? Just think about how many times you donated blood? How many volunteering work you have done? and also check how many times you went to movie just because your favorite actor is the protagonist?. Now do you see the difference. It is easy to talk but tough to do.

Don’t shout out for a person who never hears you. Just look at a person who is nearby and try to help him out. Praise your friend, parents, teachers for their contribution towards your develop. If you want to develop these people will help, what about your favorite actor????. The psychology is simple, you follow an actor just because he/she is able to accomplish things that you aspire for. Your aspiration is never supported by your favorite actor.

When you support him, he will get money? , by the same time you will lose your money. My Facebook status is not going to make any difference. I hope that could at least made you to think. The ones who have reacted it are people who really respect their teachers and value their parents. I salute them.

In the meanwhile I found some people who are useless to have in my network. Facebook is a place for me to share and learn. That’s my priority. Actors are just another human being to me, they do have a respect as a third person in my life. I don’t excited in meeting them. Because they are JUST ACTORS.!!