Ten months ago, two people create an awareness on why anger is required for people. One is Kailash Satyarthi and another person is Barack Obama. Anger is evil for your health, please control your anger and so on are the advises given by your elders and care takers. Kailash Satyarthi, child right activist who has rescued more than 85,000 kids delivered a speech at TED conference and said the purpose of anger. Barack obama at White House Correspondence had an anger translator to create an awareness among everyone about “Why we need to worry about Climate Change”.

To make people understand and sensitize important information in the society, we need anger. Mahatma Gandhi had anger on the rule of British in India. He showed his anger in a different way and society named it as “Non Violence”. Anger needs to be instated in one’s mind to question on the wrongdoings, illegitimate and unethical activities. Raising your voice, taking a weapon or showing barbarianism is not anger. Your anger should make people think, your anger should educate people, your anger should create a path for change and your anger should lead to an action. And that’s the right way to show anger. Anger of Satyarthi rescued kids and anger of Obama educated society. It’s your turn now.

Get Angry. And don’t relate this to Mr.Stalin (DMK Party) Promotional video, then this post will be trolled.