As a fresh college graduate its easy to write a resume and even if you make mistakes in your resume it doesn’t matter. An experienced person should always aim for an impeccable resume. Experienced resume varies highly when compared to the fresher resume. While writing an experienced resume you need start a fresh rather than scratching your earlier resume (i.e: your own fresher resume). One has to carefully choose what is required to be mentioned in the resume when they get experienced. Let’s see one by one.

Objective: Since you got a good amount of experience in the field, a plain statement will not help you out. Your objective should state what kind of position you are exactly looking for and obviously it should be related to the job that you are doing now. In case if you are completely changing you job role or industry itself, you need a different objective that need not to match your present job.

Synopsis: When I worked for US recruitment, I used to see resume with a small snapshot of their entire career in the name of synopsis. I find it useful when I screen resume, I hope as an experienced person, it is wise to have a synopsis.

Experience summary: It should start in the recent first order. The company that you have worked for play a major role in your interview hence it should come first. One has to mention the number of months or years they work for the company. Eg) May 2014 – May 2015. Position held in the organisation as the heading Eg) Recruitment Executive. Followed by Roles and Responsibility.

          Illustrative example

          1) Infosys Inc.

              HR Executive

              May 2014 – May 2015

              Roles and responsibilities ( below this list out your roles and responsibilities in a bullet format)

  2) Infosys Inc, HR Executive, May 2014 – 2015

       Roles and Responsibilities

Projects: For a management job like HR executive, medical representative or marketing manager and so on, you may follow the format given above. If you are software engineer, you need to clearly mention the project details with the client name. When you mention the client name and duration of the project and the language and technical skills you used for the project, it will automatically attract the recruiter. A small description about the project in a running content followed by the technical details is always catchy.

Academic Details: Interview will be completely on analyzing your entire work history and experience rather than academics. Focus on your academic qualification and academic projects are negligible here. Don’t mention you academic project here in the experienced resume at any cost unless it was awarded or highly commended.

Achievements: As an employee, if you have achieved anything, it’s better to put the information right below your work experience. If it’s apart from that, mention after your academic details.

Personal details: Similar to the fresher resume, you need to give the personal details. Location preferred play a major role here, I would request you to clearly say the locations that you are comfortable to work. Some times I have seen people adding the passport details if they are looking for a job in abroad.

Reference: Companies nowadays are very serious about the “Background Verification” of the employees. Hence giving reference is necessary. If you feel it is confidential you can simply write like ” Reference given upon request”. Reference should be from the previous companies that you have worked or the last two companies you worked, preferably the person whom you have reported.


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