Notional suppression is the new term in the town now. Many went through my blog and commented on the blog post I wrote about notional suppression. Notional suppression could take your entire life, after going through the previous blog post, I hope you are now aware of the notional suppression. It’s time to overcome the notional suppression. The solution will have two parts, one will talk about how you are supposed to act when you are getting suppressed and second one will be on how to avoid suppressing people. To read further, you should have an idea of notional suppression, the links are already attached with this blog post. Please click it and go through it. 

Being a victim of notional suppression:

  1. Don’t take everything into your heart. People normally find problems in other people. Just clear the air out.
  2. It’s not that always people are wrong, sometimes you may think you are good at something, in reality it’s not. So understand and try to find out whether you are really having some problem within you. If it’s there try to cull it out.
  3. It’s just a notion about yourself, it should not hinder your progress. Keep a vigil on the surroundings and keep working towards your goal. People appreciate you only when you succeed. Once you prove yourself the notions that they developed on you will get subsidized. Succeed in your life to negate their thoughts.
  4. People develop notions only on one dimension ( halo effect), hence they know little information about you rather than having a complete picture. Like the point number one, don’t pay attention towards it.
  5. Be bold sometimes to say that “I’m like that”. Be on your own. This should happen only when you are making progress in your life. If you don’t progress, you can’t act in the same way.

Acting good – Not involving yourself to suppress someone notionally:

  1. Your preconceived ideas should not allow you to predict a person. It’s always better to move along with people and motivate them rather than suppressing them. Analyse a person but developing a deep relationship with them.
  2. Don’t listen to others. People have the tendency to exaggerate any happening. If your friend didn’t help in an emergency, some of your friend will say that he don’t help anyone and they will say that in an assumption.
  3. Situation and culture play a role. Before assessing any person, look what is his/her position and also try to understand them in terms of how they were brought up. If you never train a person how to behave they will not have the right manners.
  4. Show them the path. Rather than commenting and suppressing further, show them how they can solve it, talk about their positive side, let them know about their strength and ask them to work on it.

Hope this has helped you. Notional suppression should not hinder the growth of an individual. Have a great day.


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