Everyone has their own preconceived notion in their mind about anything or on anyone. When they impose upon these preconceived notions on anyone else then it becomes “notional suppression”. Not all the notions are wrong, when those notions are pulling down a person mentally and that should be noted and rectified.

Think about a day when your father told that you are not good, if he continues to say till your life without noticing how you grew stronger and bigger and that will ruin your entire life, you will start believing that you are not good after sometime.

The problem is once you develop a prejudice on any person you cannot buy it back since it is imprinted in you brain. It reduces your radical thinking about the person who you are evaluating. When you implant the same prejudice and notions via words it pulls them down further more. This can completely take away your relationship.

Most of the Professors around the globe do have this “Notional Suppression” problem. The prejudice about a student is implanted by their peers or colleagues or even students sometime, when they enter into the class and meets the student on whom he/she had developed a wrong notion then it is a bad day for the student. The way the Professor interact, approach and discuss with the student will be different. This should be avoided. Even though the student don’t really have any problem will start assuming that he/she do have some problem.

When the notions suppress the individual, they tend to stop improving and they start accepting that they do have the problem. In a typical family set up, you could have tagged your son as a lazy person right from his child hood ( which is a notional suppression) and when you share the same to all your relatives at some point of time, he/she will become lazy because you suppressed by saying that he/she is lazy for a long time. I think there are some research literatures that exist already to support this theory.

Let’s see how to avoid this notional suppression in another blog post.


Image credits: http://www.thedynamicturnaround.com/Healing%20suppressed%20emotions.jpg