Organizing a TEDx event is just like climbing mount Everest without oxygen mask. One has to plan at least three to four months to organize an ordinary TEDx event. If you need to bring out an extra ordinary TEDx event, you need at least one year to accomplish it.

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 – the idea kick started in the month of April when Mr.Ali Ibrahim approached me to organize it. I told him, ” Yes, we can go ahead, with a condition applied”. He asked me what is the condition. I replied him that, “TEDxSonaCollege 2012 and TEDxSonaCollege 2013 happened with a support from our college, the college provided us Rs.40000 and Rs.25000 respectively. This year we will work on a self-sustaining mode, where we will not get money from the college but we will get the venue support”. When I said this condition, I felt this guy will not turn up again to organize one such event.

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 Team

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 Team

By May 2015, he came back and asked, “What are the procedures to apply license?”. I was shocked. And I told him the process and he completed it and the license was approved by July 2015. We started off the work as soon as possible. The next challenge we had is to find out the speakers for the event. Even before that we needed a team to do it, I normally feel a small team can do wonders rather than a big team. So I asked him to find out a good team that can put their heart and soul in TEDx event. Real challenge is we ( Ali and Me) need to educate the entire team about TED and TEDx. We had a meeting one fine evening we discussed and understood TEDx event ( at least 2% of it).

We started to work on finding speakers, few people in the team worked really hard to find out a speaker, also they confirmed their presence. By considering many factors we fixed the date of the event, our plan was to have event on second week of September and that too on a Friday. Fortunately the date was September 11. I hope many of you know the date was renowned for Twin Tower crash, but our team took it positively and started to work. We did few things new this year which I would like to list here.

Promotional Video: The video sort was made to create an exposure about TEDxSonaCollege event and also to support the contest that we planned for.

Contest: To create an awareness within the college, we organized a contest among students to find out the best speaker. The speaker will get a chance to share the stage with the other dignitaries.

Reaching out: This year we reached out to other colleges to talk about the TEDxSonaCollege. We never imagined that we will get an overwhelming response from Kavery College of Engineering and Salem Engineering College. Here I would like to thank Mr.Balamurugan, Placement Officer – Kavery College and Mr. Naveen, Placement Officer – Salem College.

Pricing: Since we were to run the show on our own, we had no other option but to charge the attendees. We initially had an idea to have at least ticket price of Rs.1500 for students and Rs.2000 corporate people. At last, the dust got settled down we were actually selling tickets not less than Rs.1000. People understood the quality of the event and those 80 tickets gave good support in conducting the event smoothly.

Sponsors: 80 tickets will just get us Rs.80000 but for conducting the event we need around 1.4 lakhs, and so we needed external support. My students approached many people to support the event, we got tremendous response this year and we were able to get Rs.67500 as sponsors from corporate people who really served as a pillar to run the show. At this moment I thank, VLCC, East West Pharma, Kannan Udir Dhal, Professional Couriers, Sea Kings Ice creams, Saaral Aqua services, Pandiyan Paper Mart, Inner Wheel Club – Salem Mango City, Reliance, 11 am – 11 pm restaurant, Farm harvest, Sambandham Spinning Mills, Applied Minds Interactive, and Salem Auto Mech.

Deadlines: We kept deadlines for each and every work that we did this year. Most of the time we were not able to make it, but those deadlines threatened the team to accomplish things.

Team: The team that I had this year is awesome like the last two years. I don’t know how the team for organizing TEDx event is always awesome. If you want to take look their profiles please visit our website

The team was led by

Mr.Ali Ibrahim – Multi talented , Licensee and Curator

Mr. Noel Antony – Silent Doer, MOC team

Ms. Shiva Shanthini – Bold, MOC team and special thanks to her for the efforts she put on in making the promotion VIDEO.

Ms. Pavany – Orator, MOC team and Competition Coordinator

Ms. Ayeeswarya – Sensitive, MOC team and Competition Coordinator

Mr. Premnath – Collector, Sponsor team

Mr.Kishore Kumar – Active, Ticket sales team. He is the starting point for the event.

Ms. Nandhini – Mild, Internal Promotion team

Ms. Pavithra – Mute, Internal Promotion team

Mr. Manigandan – All rounder, Coorganizer, Worked in many teams and dedicated himself to the core.

Mr.Parthiban Ravi – Sure, Worked in many teams and dedicated himself to the core.

Mr. Hemanand – Multi tasking, Design team

Ms. Sangeetha – Short and sweet, Speaker selection and Stage design

Mr. Jegan – Technocrat, Technical and Purchase team

Mr. Fazil – Foodie, Sponsor team, he is the first mover for the sponsor.

Ms.Shanthini – Smiley, Sponsor and hospitality team

Ms.Vigneshwari – Confident, Sponsor and hospitality team

Mr. Mohammed Ajmal – Ad-hoc, Purchase team

Mr. Riyazahmed – Reader, Staff Coordinator.

This team has put in lot of efforts to make the event a successful one. I hope I will write one more post on how to conduct an event due to the learning that had with this team soon.