Blogging is a hobby for many and there are few people who take it up seriously as a business and do it. Few even rely for their daily bread by blogging day and night. I maintain this blog for around three years and out my experience I would like to share few tips on blogging. If your intention is to improve the statistics page of your blog then I hope the tips I share will help you. 

Tip 1 # Write more: I have seen my statistics drop down when I don’t write regularly. When I started to read how the search engine works, I found it depends on keywords, links in the website and freshness of the content. Keywords and links do have a major role. Let’s talk about it later on. Google crawlers normally finds the webpage that has a fresh content, hence write more to get more views.

Tip 2 # Make it simple: The blog should be simple for everyone to understand. I normally avoid posy jargon, because all the viewers come to your blog may not be comfortable in understanding those jargon. It’s better to keep you content simple and lucid.

Tip 3 # Keep it short and sweet: Major problem that we see nowadays is that the readers don’t have patience ( that includes me), if the blog post run for pages together no one will read it. It’s better to write an article with 500 words or less than that.

Tip 4 # Act fast and Engage: Reciprocity is the best way to building network and relationship. Professor Robert Cialdini say one way to persuade people is through reciprocity. If you get a follower on your blog , follow them back and if you get a comment reply to the comment,visit their page and comment on their blog post. If you do this, over a period of time, you can see dramatic improvement in the viewers.

Tip 5 # Add images: When I started to write, one of my colleague, an SEO expert told it’s always better to have an image inserted in the blog post. This really works due to the some reasons, because the image enhance the look of the blog post and also the view can also come through the image search.

Tip 6 # Research before you write: Mostly people write  a blog without conceiving an idea. It’s always better to conceive an idea before you start, and if you get an idea to write do a base research on the idea and then write it.

Tip 7 # Arrange it neatly: You can mess up the kitchen but not your dining table. Likewise you can do anything in a paper but when it comes to the blog the presentation play a key role in creating a site sticky page. Keep short paragraphs instead of lengthy ones. See through the blog once before you publish, ensure its readable, keep the images appropriate to the title of the post.

Tip 8 # Be Unique: It’s always better to be unique. Don’t copy someone’s page and the style of it. Better be yourself all the time when you write. Don’t worry even if you make some mistake.

Tip 9 # Tagging & Categorizing: Use tags to boost your statistics. Tags will help the spiders to track your blog easily. Spiders are nothing but the bots of the search engines. Categorize you blog post according to the information that you write.

Tip 10 # Linking: Always link your blog with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will create good visibility among your networks. Share your blog post link via Whatsapp, easy way to market you blog.

There will be additions to this blog post whenever I get to know about blog writing tips. Watch out this space


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