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Notional Suppression

Everyone has their own preconceived notion in their mind about anything or on anyone. When they impose upon these preconceived notions on anyone else then it becomes “notional suppression”. Not all the notions are wrong, when those notions are pulling down a person mentally and that should be noted and rectified.

Think about a day when your father told that you are not good, if he continues to say till your life without noticing how you grew stronger and bigger and that will ruin your entire life, you will start believing that you are not good after sometime. Continue reading


TEDxSonaCollege 2015 – Scintillating Experience

Organizing a TEDx event is just like climbing mount Everest without oxygen mask. One has to plan at least three to four months to organize an ordinary TEDx event. If you need to bring out an extra ordinary TEDx event, you need at least one year to accomplish it.

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 – the idea kick started in the month of April when Mr.Ali Ibrahim approached me to organize it. I told him, ” Yes, we can go ahead, with a condition applied”. He asked me what is the condition. I replied him that, “TEDxSonaCollege 2012 and TEDxSonaCollege 2013 happened with a support from our college, the college provided us Rs.40000 and Rs.25000 respectively. This year we will work on a self-sustaining mode, where we will not get money from the college but we will get the venue support”. When I said this condition, I felt this guy will not turn up again to organize one such event.

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 Team

TEDxSonaCollege 2015 Team

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Tips for blog writing

Blogging is a hobby for many and there are few people who take it up seriously as a business and do it. Few even rely for their daily bread by blogging day and night. I maintain this blog for around three years and out my experience I would like to share few tips on blogging. If your intention is to improve the statistics page of your blog then I hope the tips I share will help you. 

Tip 1 # Write more: I have seen my statistics drop down when I don’t write regularly. When I started to read how the search engine works, I found it depends on keywords, links in the website and freshness of the content. Keywords and links do have a major role. Let’s talk about it later on. Google crawlers normally finds the webpage that has a fresh content, hence write more to get more views. Continue reading