Feeling great about the year 2015. First time in my life I have taken a list of resolution to accomplish some goals. I think, it’s time to revisit what has happened to those resolutions so far. Taking resolution is easy and achieving the set targets everyday is a daunting task. So, can one think of taking a resolution in their life?? Will answer this question in the last paragraph, before that we will take a look at what happened to my resolution. The list of resolution with their accomplishment in approximate percentage level is given for your view.new-years-resolutions

Resolution 1# Wake up by 5 am everyday – I followed it up strictly during the month of January and failed to accomplish during February and March. This month ( April ), I’m waking up by 5 am to go for a job to accomplish resolution number 3.

Resolution 2# Read at least 50 pages of new information ( includes books, newspaper, magazines and so on) – I feel I haven’t done really good here. I was able to read 4 to 5 pages a day but not 50 pages. May be during the next year I will have to set the target in a different way.

Resolution 3# Any physical activity for 20 mins ( at least walking for 20 mins – at office or at home) – I feel I have accomplished at least 70% here on an average. I’m ensuring myself to go for a jog everyday from the month of April, I’m taking around 45 mins to train my body.

Resolution 4# Write one blog post every week. – Utter flop. Accomplishment level ZERO!!!!!!!!

Resolution 5#  To complete one MOOC in Marketing or Psychology. – Yet to get started 😛

Resolution 6# This is the biggest and last resolution for the year 2015. Changing my food pattern to vegetarian. – Accomplished this resolution with ease, but I miss most of my friends treat. I was not able to completely convert myself into vegetarian, I do consume EGGS but I don’t stretch beyond that.

Now time to answer the question. So, can one think of taking a resolution in their life??

Yes I would say one has to take up some resolution in a year and see through that they accomplish it. Taking resolutions don’t really make you successful but they haunt you everyday, since you have promised to yourself and to your friends. Taking resolution is also a test for your “SELF CONTROL” , most of the human lack self-control. Let’s have revisit again in the 6 month of this year to see the progress. Thank you for taking you time to read my blog. If you like it please do comment so that I will get motivated to accomplish RESOLUTION NO 4.