Feeling great about the year 2015. First time in my life I have taken a list of resolution to accomplish some goals. I think, it’s time to revisit what has happened to those resolutions so far. Taking resolution is easy and achieving the set targets everyday is a daunting task. So, can one think of taking a resolution in their life?? Will answer this question in the last paragraph, before that we will take a look at what happened to my resolution. The list of resolution with their accomplishment in approximate percentage level is given for your view.new-years-resolutions

Resolution 1# Wake up by 5 am everyday – I followed it up strictly during the month of January and failed to accomplish during February and March. This month ( April ), I’m waking up by 5 am to go for a job to accomplish resolution number 3.

Resolution 2# Read at least 50 pages of new information ( includes books, newspaper, magazines and so on) – I feel I haven’t done really good here. I was able to read 4 to 5 pages a day but not 50 pages. May be during the next year I will have to set the target in a different way. Continue reading