A bike fitted with the right engine and supplied with fuel is put into function only when it has three other components. Kick Start or Electric start, Spark Plugs and Accelerator are the components I wanted to mention here. Let’s explore how these three are related to our life.

While you are driven towards success, you need to understand that your passion and hard work is highly essential, yet they should accelerate at a faster rate in order to succeed in this competitive world. You find many people thinking in the same way you think, they have intellectual capacity like you, even they do have resources, educational qualification, and so on in this world.

Accelerate yourself to taste success

“The speed of the mind can get you where the speed of the body may not get you to.”

– Constance Chuks Friday

Next way to differentiate oneself from other is the way they execute things. I have heard from many aspiring entrepreneur saying, “I had this idea already, but someone else started it and I didn’t”. Many people share the same idea, but success point lies in who execute it first. If you turned out to be second, society will not accept your idea since they have experienced it already. Making a move at a faster rate will certainly keeps you ahead of competition.

Kick start :- Initiate the process, it is just like starting your bike. If you don’t kick start entire plan will go in vain. While starting you may not able to get it right at the first time. Repeated attempts towards your goals will help in climbing the ladder of success.

Spark Plugs :- You ideas or your journey will get ignited, by your own intuition or by your friends view. A small spark may take you to heights. Never think that your idea is small or silly give a try on it. Understand that numerous small steps are required to climb a mountain. A spark plug in a bike is small and tough to find, in case if it fails imagine your situation while rushing to your office. And also think about importance the same component, it ignites the engine as starts it up.

Accelerator :- In order to keep up the pace, you need to accelerate and travel faster. Your competitors own the same qualities like you. If you notice they are winning, they are actually accelerating at a faster rate. They understand the situation and act smarter. It’s better to keep a vigil on your competitors.

50% of the population in India are youngsters. It’s a big opportunity from the country view, but 50% of the population is aiming to get a job or start up a business to earn money. You have lot of competitors around you, even your own friend sitting beside you in your class is a competitor during campus drives.

Passion is strong, hard work is plenty but ensure that you are marching ahead of others by pressing your accelerator. Kick start, get ignited and accelerate fast to succeed.  At the end of the day you need to reach your destination. It’s possible only when you accelerate yourself.


Image credit: http://bymorgancampbell.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/boltblocks.jpg