Engine is the inevitable part of a bike, similarly your passion is what drives you to reach success. Identifying your passion is the first step towards success. People have ambitions to change the world, and also they are clear with their passion statement. Even though they don’t come up in life. Reason is they just “day dreamed” about their future and failed to work on the dream.Hard-Work-Ant

Engines are wonderful invention but it don’t run if it’s not fueled up. Fuel is an essential commodity to support engine to function perfectly. If you want travel, it’s not that you must have an engine, you must also require fuel. Fuel is the one that gives you energy to propel the engine. Force will be generated till the last drop of fuel exist.One should understand that as you increase the distance of your journey you need more fuel as it get exhausted by the distance you traveled.

Indra Nooyi, CEO PepsiCo.

We possess a strong passion statement attached to our life, but we don’t work for the passion. Passion being your engine you should supply “HARD WORK” as its fuel. Many philosophers have told there is no short cut for your success and also they have reiterated that “hard work has no substitute”. Do remember that you reap benefits according to the amount of hard work you put in.

Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc.

Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co. worked really hard, during her master she worked from midnight to 4 Am as receptionist to earn money to get her masters degree. Now she goes to Pepsi Co by 7 Am and leaves from the office by 8 Pm or beyond that. If she finds some task need to be completed, she completes even after reaching her home.

Tim Cook , CEO of Apple Inc. after Late Steve Jobs, works on Sunday to prepare for Monday. He starts to send email to his employees right from 4.30 Am.

Bruce Lee said ” Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today”. All of them, who reached the summit of success were really passionate and worked really hard. Passion without hard work is just like an engine without fuel. To achieve success must have the right engine(passion) and fuel(hard work) it constantly to reach the goal.