Passion is powerful and controllable emotion that drives you to achieve success. Whenever I ask question to my students related to their long-term goal, they don’t respond immediately, even if they do, the answer will not have clarity. Only a fraction of students come out confidently with an answer. This means students are yet to find out their passion.

In an organization, many employees work yet only few perform well to get the best employee award. Every perform the same task any only one or two excel but not others. Why is this happening?. It’s happening because the interest level to perform a task varies.

Passion is directly proportional to interest, if you were not able to find your passion, start simply by mapping down your interest areas. Out of the “n” number of interest, funnel down to few which are long-term oriented and highly valued by the society.

Why choose an interest that has long-term orientation and high value by the society?. Any interest that is of shorter life span doesn’t come along with you, but passion stays as long as you live. At the end of the day society is going to value you and it respect and remember people who adds value to it. People who are passionate also leads their life with purpose.

Bike has an engine and it has a purpose too. Your passion must have purpose to achieve your dream. Simon Sinek in his book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” popularized the concept of “GOLDEN CIRCLE”. Simon delivered a TEDx talk explaining Golden circle and now it’s one of the most viewed talks on TED. Passionate people should understand this golden circle and its role in their life.

The Golden Circle

In our life we have answered for most of the “What’s” rather than “Why’s”. When we start to do any work we ask ourselves “What am I going to get out of it?”. If we get answer for first question then we will think of how to do it. In the end, we fail to ask “Why we did it?”. People who are passionate, ambitious and focused, they start with “Why” and end it with “What”.

If given a task or while performing a task ask yourself, “Why I should do it?” repeatedly. If you find a convincing answer move to the next level “How can I perform the task?”. In the end ask “What to do?” in order to complete the task. By following the golden circle you are ready to inspire people, and the one who are all set to inspire people are people with PASSION, your engine for life.

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