My dad earned Rs.400 per month when he started to work by 1980’s. The money that he earned won’t be sufficient to run a family even during that time. Sincere efforts and dedication puts him in a good position now. Myself and my brother are working with satisfaction and my mom leads a good life. During my childhood days, I never realized how my father is earning money for the daily bread but when I worked for a data entry company(part-time), I understood the pains my father undergoing all these years. Myself and my brother stopped demanding for anything when we realized his efforts to bring up our family.

My bike

My bike

When I was working as HR (Human Resource) executive, my father used to ask me, “Do you need a bike for commuting?”. Happily I said “No Dad”, realizing his situation. When I got a job in my hometown I demanded for a bike, my father bought it just a week by pledging my moms jewels.

From that day, I understood the value of a family. Whenever I ride my bike, some idea will pop up in my brain related to life and life experiences. You are reading the third blog post of the journey and as I told you in the previous articles I’m here to say from my mind what a bike can teach us about life.

A bike is structured with lot of parts and components, similarly success doesn’t come from a single quality that we possess. A great orator spends enough time to read, rehearse, and plan in prior before giving a speech. It’s same for any human being, one quality don’t shape any human. To be successful, you must have the right structure with the right parts and components like a bike.

Most essential and most ubiquitous part for a bike is its engine. When a bike has high cubic capacity engine, it runs faster. If the engine gets spoiled the entire framework and structure is useless. For a human it’s same, where the engine is actually your “PASSION”. People who work with passion and purpose excel well in their life.

“People with passion can change the world for the better” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs,co – founder of Apple Inc, has passion towards developing remarkable devices for people. Jobs started Apple Inc with passion, but due to some conspiracy Jobs was sent out of the company by board of directors (1985). Jobs didn’t get dejected, he started NeXT corporation and worked for it. Apple Inc started to crumble down and realized Jobs is required for the organization. He came back to Apple Inc as Interim CEO, like a hero, he delivered exceptional results. He was able to perform because of the PASSION he had towards the organization.

 For a bike engine is inevitable and so is the passion for life. Power of a bike is measured by its engine capacity, power of a human being is measured by the passion they hold. People with passion perform automatically, passion is like poison it spreads into your cells at faster rate to deliver results. Starting point for success is passion, make a move to identify your passion. Let’s begin the journey with my bike.

How one can identify passion in them, let’s talk about the ways to identify in the next article.


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