Success is infectious. When you travel towards it you need captivate on one aspect that is “Embracing yourself”. Success and embracing yourself go together. Getting edgy over others victory and feeling down you lose will never help in reaching the success point.

Paulo Coelho rightly pointed out in his book “The Alchemist” – “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. We have listened to many people around us actively and we listen to our mind passively. Our inner soul says numerous backlogs that we possess, we actively skip it of.

If take from the theist perspective god has given you the soul and body to live in this world and from atheist view evolution led to human kind. Taking both into consideration the way your gene and body system is different any human being living in this world. People don’t realize it!

You are entering into this world with a gift of being different. Normally people feel why my skin tone is dark,why my hairs are not curly, why I’m not so tall and so on. This feeling has led many companies to make money out it. You really wasted you time on thinking about it.

We question our parents and almighty on why have you created me like this. Bombarding or questioning will not solve your problem. The physique that you own has its own purpose embrace it. Don’t worry about how you look like, instead love yourself for what you are.

Nick Vujicic is a man who born with tetra amelia syndrome. Vujicic is a renowned motivational speaker and he speaks with people everyday in his life. If he has felt for what he is, possibly the taste of success will be a distant dream. Nick is also writing book to convey his ideas.

Nick Vujicic

Lesson one should learn from Nick life is, ” there is no physical barrier in front any human being and the only barrier is their mind”.

To be successful the first step is to embrace yourself, listen to your mind voice and start pumping out your energy towards it. Always feel that you are different and you have capability to excel in your life.

We have just taken the bike out of the shed, we will listen to what the bike has to say in the consecutive articles.


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