Apple Inc. started by Steven Paul Jobs is always weighed much when compared with South Korean mobile phone manufacturer Samsung. Looking at the recent products released by Apple and its sales record makes us to wonder. Many of them know Samsung S4 is technically outweighing Apple Iphone 5S but Iphone is still the preference millions of people. People strongly believe in Apple products and sometime they don’t accept even if it has flaws. Why people believe in it? and What are the reasons behind it?. Point put down here are based on psychological concepts and don’t except this article to be a technical analysis and comparison between them. 

Strong belief system:-

Steve Jobs when rolled out Iphone 2G he told “Today Iphone is going to revolutionize the mobile phone industry”. Like he told Iphone is the trendsetter for smartphones till now. Whenever they release any product, there is a new amendment made in the product which is very unique and not available in the industry so far. Take 2G for example, when they released it was the only phone which have multi-touch interface without keys and stylus and next they released Iphone 4s which has SIRI application and now they have introduced Iphone 5S which has finger touch sensor which was never imagined by another smart phone industry. Looking at the smart phone world Iphone sets benchmark and some companies go beyond that level and overtake the belief people hold on the market leader.

Belief created on Apple Iphone is very strong and that is lasting in many people. It’s known to many that “First impression last for your life”. Apple did it perfectly. People in general have a lot of positive perception and attitude towards products released by Apple that indeed a great supporting pillar.

Apple have created an unimaginable unique preconception which can’t be shattered by anyone. Take this first into your mind next let’s have a look into why that belief system can’t be altered even if you provide evidences.

There are two aspects involved when we think of people who are crazy about Apple phones. One is Confirmation bias and another one is Belief perseverance,

Confirmation Bias:

It’s the tendency of people to seek information that support their beliefs. If you take the people who are brand loyal they do have confirmation bias. Whenever any product released by their preferred brand they will find out information which will support their belief on that brand. Take Iphone vs Samsung case,  Iphone 5s is having 8 MP camera and Samsung have 13MP camera but people still prefer Iphone for its new additional innovation like finger print scanner. Instead of look at all the aspects of the phone people will just stick towards information that will support their belief ( this is called as confirmation bias).

Belief Perseverance:

Apple have created a strong belief system that was perfectly done using lot of psychological tools ( that’s why people appreciate Steve Jobs). If you take belief perseverance into the discussion, in a discussion you might encounter a person who will constantly deny any point posted by you and he/she will say ” I cannot accept whatever you say, I feel I’m right”. This is called belief perseverance. Belief perseverance is the tendency to cling to one’s initial belief even after receiving new information that contradicts or disconfirms the basis of that belief [1]. It’s the same happening with fans of Apple. Even though technical experts give out enough evidences to say Apple is not technically strong as Samsung, Apple fans will not accept it.

This is why people still believe in Apple products. Strong initial belief system created by Apple is the strength of the brand. 9 million units of Iphone 5s and 5c sold on the first week of its release, only 5 million Iphone 5 sold when it was released. Wonderful isn’t it.



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