Age, sex, country, religion, geographical location, and other elements are not a constraining factor if you have a laptop with internet connection. When it comes to Coursera online class, you will get enthralled the way in which the online course is organized and taught. I’m not writing this article in order to promote the website but to create awareness about the usefulness of the website. People who are not affordable to  pursue studies abroad and who wants to learn from top-notch researchers and professors may enroll in Coursera to get educated. The website is running MOOC based learning, that means Massive Open Online Course which enables all to study courses online. In order to understand what is MOOC please watch the video given below

It’s not that only coursera runs MOOC and there are many websites which runs similar course. To find out all the courses run by universities around the globe you need to check MOOC-LIST. One website have written an article about the top 10 sites for free please click here to visit the website. Now we will talk about Coursera and its approach towards educating people online.

When it comes to coursera the benefits are surmounting and I’m writing it in my own perspective and I haven’t taken any course under other websites or universities. It’s purely from the experience only with coursera.

1) Registering and enrolling into a course is very easy.

2) Many courses are open to all, there is no eligibility criteria required for the courses. For some courses the instructors gives you the prerequisites to pursue the course.

3) Video lectures are organized and uploaded on a weekly basis and they ask you to spend 4 – 12 hours a week to study the course. You will be able to download video lectures if it is enabled by the tutor.

4) Assignments are assigned to individual and it will be peer-reviewed. Marks will be awarded by the peers are taken as credit points to complete the course.

5) Having subtitles for the videos is the wonderful facility available and that enables many people to learn quickly even if their native language is not English.

6) PPT’s and subtitles are also downloadable, and you may use them for future references.

7) Sometimes even the tutors add spice to your course by providing reading materials (that too for free).

8) Once you complete the task given by the tutor, you may get Statement of Accomplishment from Coursera or from the university. Also coursera runs signature track courses, where you will get a certificate endorsed by the university and the tutor which can be used anywhere in the globe ( it’s a paid one).

9) Courses are available in many disciplines and it’s up to you to choose what to study. And coursera allows an individual to pursue more than one course at a time.

10)  Coursera is supported by great institutions and partnered with US and Global institutions which makes learning happy and easy.

11) Discussion forums are available for students to discuss with peer members. Even sometimes tutors respond to your queries through it.

12) Weekly assignments and peer assessments provokes us to learn more. Even if you are not completing the assignment you are allowed to watch the lectures but you will not earn statement of accomplishment ( some courses don’t provide statement of accomplish, do check if you are very keen on it).

Happy learning!!

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