Teaching psychology oriented subject is always interesting. Consumer behavior is one such course that talks more about application of psychology in marketing. “Marketing has moved from products to customers and now to human spirits” as said by Marketing Guru Philip Kotler. Consumer behavioral analysis is inevitable for any marketer. Consumer behavior course kick starts by understanding perception of people towards products and services.

Getting directly into the topic and teaching them core concepts of perception may not interest students, hence I developed a set of activities to make them understand about it. The activities were taken from few websites and thematic appreciation test from SSB interviews conducted for recruiting people in Indian army. I hope even as a reader you might feel really elated to view the pictures posted here.

Illusion is everywhere , and without illusion there is no magic. So start your perception class by showing visual illusion pictures. I have shown these pictures in my class to make it more interesting. First four pictures is related to illusion and the last picture is going to help students in understanding about perception. In the first four pictures ask the same question whatever posted below the picture, students will initially get it wrong and later on they will realize the picture is giving them visual illusions.


Which circle at the center is bigger?


Find out two parallel lines in the picture.


Which line is lengthy?


What do you see here?


Write a story based on this picture.

The last picture is the key. Ask all the students to write a story by looking at the picture ( ensure no one write their name on their story sheet), collect all of them and take only few and read it in the class. It will funny as well as thought provoking. While you read the story you will be able to understand and also the students will understand perception of everyone is different. After doing this activity teaching perception will become easy and you will be able to relate other concepts with the help of the story wrote by students. Perception is a wonderful topic to teach and enjoy teaching it.