“First Impression is the best impression” is a well know quote to everyone around the globe. When we attend any training to equip ourselves to ace interviews, the trainer will say your first impression plays a major in the selection process. And you know there needs to be a good first impression, but you don’t know what it is all about and why is it so important. This article will let you know the reason behind the saying .

First impression is created by the way you act in the interview in the first 5 – 20 seconds time. In the first instance whether you are showing a broad smile, making eye contact with the interviewer, the words that you use to describe you, and of course your dressing sense is vital in impressing the interviewer. 

Coursera.org is now running a MOOC course on Social Psychology which is handled by Scott Plous. In that course, he has shown how people make social judgement and how long it takes to evaluate a person standing in front of you. In a video he showed a case where three candidates were interviewed and entire interview was videotaped. Interviewer was given an instrument to measure the opinion about the candidate. Interviewer had three candidates on that day and she interviewed all of them by spending 15 minutes per candidate. Interviewer opinion about the candidates was recorded duly with the help of an instrument. If the interviewer feels good about the candidate she will turn the button upwards that means it’s positive and if she turns down and it’s negative. The interviewer will start to judge right from the beginning. Three candidates were interviewed and the end results shown the documentary were amazing.

The study revealed that the interviewer judged all the candidates in just 5 seconds and that judgement stayed till the end of the interview. First candidate showed enthusiasm and exuberance and impressed the interviewer, eventually she succeeded in the interview. By this study, its concluded that the first impression is important and also it’s every lasting.

First Impression

First impression is made visually rather than verbally. Hence I would suggest focus on the outlook and body language during  the interview and very importantly the choice of words in the first 20 seconds. The candidates who didn’t get selected had few reasons for rejecting them and they are poor eye contact, feeble voice, lack of smile, very shabby dressing sense, carrying baggage’s inside the interview hall, not paying attention to the interviewer, and not showing confidence right from the beginning.

Focusing on factors mentioned above in the picture will certainly help you in succeeding the interview.

Image Credit: http://www.impact4success.com/blog