We live a life which normally has riddles and mazes, people who overcome these is considered as successful people. Even though people become successful they are puzzled about why is the trouble coming again and again to them. When people reach the higher level they get multiple works. Since they become successful they tend to accept more and sometimes they miserably fail to accomplish it. There are few things which can be followed in order to accept the work.Image

Catch up with interesting things:- 

When a work is assigned to you, see that it’s matching your interest. Normally people dedicate themselves and accomplish the task at ease when the work is of their interest. Indeed one need to understand that interest is highly related to passion. Steve Jobs followed his passion and that passion was driven by his interest in creating amazing products. 

Look at the time factor:

Time factor plays a critical role in planning your work. When a task is given, it’s better to analyze the time that it will consume while performing it. When people handle multiple jobs, it’s better to go in for prioritizing the works and complete the work on time. If a new task is assigned which is going to hinder your work then it’s better you avoid it. 

Look at the value:

Blindly don’t defy any work, it’s always wise to see the value you are going to add to the society and your personal growth. When people contribute towards the growth of the society or when they bring in change in others life it’s considered as valuable work. Look at the value factor when you accept any work.

The inputs given here are not for regular work. It’s for works that you accept to satisfy others (friends, peers, colleagues and third persons). 

Image taken from http://hearttreasure.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Acceptance-seeing-with-heart.jpg