Companies like Whirlpool spend money like water to bring in a new product that amuse people and also spends crores of rupees to develop and market it. A refrigerator made by the company is costing around 10,000 rupees and you must have electricity support. Taking all the points into his mind, Mr.Prajapathi developed a clay refrigerator which will just cost you Rs.3000 and that don’t require electricity after this wonderful innovation he started his own venture called Mitticool Industries. What an idea sir ji?? Whether these are the lines that you are uttering after reading the story? If yes, then you like Jugaad Mindset. The good news is that we have book to explain about Jugaad Innovation.

Jugaad a Hindi word that trends now in the business world and it’s going to set the future trend of business for sure. Three Indians (Navi Radjou, Jaideeep Prabhu & Simone Ahuja) who worked on this trend and captured insights about Jugaad wrote the book “Jugaad Innovation” which showcased exemplary works of many people with Jugaad mindset. The book starts with explaining the meaning of the word Jugaad by quoting Mitticool Industry story.

Jugaad a Hindi word that roughly translates as ‘an innovative fix; an improvised solution born from ingenuity and cleverness’ – is the main theme of the entire book. The authors have researched for a long time to bring out the six principles of Jugaad Innovation. Those six principles are 

  1. Seek opportunity in adversity
  2. Do more with less
  3. Think and act flexibly
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Include the margin
  6. Follow your heart

You may wonder whether these six principles are going to cover about Jugaad Innovation. Yes, after the first chapter authors directly gets into explaining these six principles once that is over they start to explain about how Jugaad innovation can be practiced in organizations, what are the constrains when you follow it and at last they told about how Jugaad Innovation is followed in countries like US, Europe and India.

Who should read?

People who wants to start a business, Professors who teach entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation; CEO’s, Consultants and people who wants to know about interesting business stories.

What is the benefit?

You will learn stories of different entrepreneurs and their strategies to excel. A complete knowledge of Jugaad Innovation. The supporting points of each chapter also have the statistical data hence you will be able to understand the demographics of countries like India, Africa and USA.

I’m not writing much here, because the book will interest you more than my review.

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