Paradesi movie got released two days back and that astonished many film makers. Director etched the movie with sheer dedication to bring out perfection. His meticulous plan and hard work will certainly pave way to success. Two weeks before the release of the film I bought the book “Ivan Than Bala” written by himself which was published in Anantha Vikatan magazine.

The book is just an autobiography of a normal person who was idiosyncratic during his teen age. Bala was born in Theni district ( I wonder,how come many people working in kollywood are from this district). The story of Bala will certainly motivate you because we never started a life-like him and may or may not reach the level of Mr.Bala (let’s make it positive – we will exalt for sure). He starts his life so badly, his mother left him alone during his early days and he lived in his Aunt home for few years and came back to his home. Johnny – a goat was the pet of Bala and it’s very close to him. He was mischievous and had all sort of bad habits during his school and college days.

Fell and failed in love during his school days. After this he joined American College where Salaman Papaiya was one the professor, he took Tamil literature and failed in many subjects. Till now he didn’t have any aim fixed in his mind. Who changed him? What changed his life?. A book by Writer Najil Nadan and a speech by Writer Jeyakanthan turned his life. He determined to achieve his dreams by taking Cine field.

Ivan Than Bala

Ivan Than Bala

Story unfolds further to reveal the difficulties he faced to reach the peak. Worked under the guidance of Director Balu Mahendra and learned the nuances of film making. The first project failed initially and after two years he succeeded with the epic film SETHU. One liner advise from Director Bala, “If I can do, why can’t you do”.

About the narration of the book: Written excellently like his film screenplay. You will certainly complete the book in three hours. Get a copy and read it.