Coming out of the college, getting place in a company immediately it’s spring time for any person. When days go on, and on, and on you feel the pinch. Somewhere are somehow I am not recognized, paid well, motivated well.  This exist in many employees mind. This article throws light on why your career got stagnated and the five reasons for it.Career_Ladder

1) You didn’t geared up: World is running so fast and competitors surmounting day by day. Updating the knowledge is really important. Lack of knowledge, lack of confidence in executing your work, and fear of taking responsibility are few things to be noted under this heading. Hence head start and gear up gain knowledge to climb up the career ladder.

2)  Got struck within the comfort zone: I will not move out of my home town, I don’t want move to South, I got good friends here and at last my wife is working near to my company. When are looking at those things mentioned above then you should be happy with your current work place. Yet normally people will still say, I am here in the company but I’m not recognized. Why are you saying this, get out of your comfort zone to run faster. Sitting in the comfort zone will not pay you back with the expected results.

3) Forgot to explore: Once you got struck with the comfort zone and you forget to explore the opportunities around you. When you have good experience and you satisfied point No 1 and 2 then you should look out for other opportunities else you will not move ahead in terms of career and salary.

4) Environment: You learn from the environment around you. If the environment is not right and then it’s miserable to come up. Understand whether the people around you are positive, energetic, and so on ( in positive ways) and if you find it’s not the right environment for you to grow up and it’s time to move out.

5) Show it up: Most important point, whatever talent you have if you keep it under the desk how come people will know it. Talents needs to showed up else it’s not going to reap it’s value. Only when you start showing it up in the right time, management will recognize and motivate you.