Teachers have great role in building up the students and those students become a part of the society in few years. It’s understood that a teacher have great responsibility in developing the right society. Life as a teacher will certainly make you happy. Today, I was interacting with few students to get the feedback about my teaching. It was a open talk with them and I feel they gave feedback from their heart.

When I was asking very generally about my style of teaching, How the class went last semester? Whether you enjoyed the class or not? and so on. The answers were simply, “Sir, It’s so good”. I didn’t stopped there I went on asking many questions and listened to them with all ears open. As students they felt many things needs to be improved. Also there were many things they appreciated too. Let’s hear from them instead of me talking here.


Encourage students: 

First and foremost they expect teachers to encourage them. They don’t expect you to give them gifts, prizes and other valuable items to encourage them. Simply motivating them with a chocolate encourages them. When you give any gift or present to appreciate them they expect us to call them on the stage and give them.

Teaching method:

The most liked teaching method of students is ” Black board + Lecturing”. While experimenting I found whenever I use Power point slides students will take notes very seriously without listening to my voice. And if I go on talking talking and talking, I saw yawning and sleeping.

Appreciating students: 

Students needs to be recognized and also they told the right way to recognize and appreciate them. If you are going to give away prize to an outstanding student call them on the stage and give it. Don’t give it to them like a postman, right at their desk. ( They don’t like it).


Normally they don’t expect you to complete the syllabus. Yet they want you to give them the gist of information about the topic. Studious students expect you teach all the topics in the syllabus in detail.


They felt activities help them in mingling with other students. Also it give them a break between the lecturing session. Quiz, Debate, Puzzles are their interest areas but not group discussion.

In general they want the lecturer to walk in the class, give them projects, chance to show their talents, information apart from the curriculum ( most expected one), and the last is “Put a smile on your face sir”.