We love to live in this world for a long time, yet do we know what really happened to our Mother Earth till now. There are two great video documentary available in YouTube to show us how the world evolved and the reason for our existence. The documentary film runs for around 90 minutes and talks about the evolution of earth right from Big Bang.

There are many things that we don’t care about our world, when you listen to the documentary you will understand we are really deteriorating most wonderful environment. Nearly 120 million years of time was taken for the formation of solid Ozone layer on the earth which is protecting us from harmful rays of sun, but we started to deplete it in a century time. This video reveals the story behind how life formed on earth.

While watching the video you will also understand why we should thank bacteria, insects, plants and other organism which we see as harmful elements. After watching these videos you will certainly salute, “THE NATURE” for sure. Please take time to watch the video links given below. There are two videos which is going to talk only about evolution of the world. One is from The History Channel and another one is from National Geographic Channel. It’s recommended to watch both the videos since there are few things left in one video and it was compensated by the other video

National Geographic Channel Documentary:-

History Channel Documentary:-