Nature is the first mother for any human who is living on earth. Humans don’t see her as their mother instead they destroy it. People who destroy mother nature is higher when compared to people who are saving them. This Biomimicry concept is not based on the people who saved mother nature, it’s all about how they learned from it.

By 1948 all the zipper manufacturers were crying around since it’s market share was taken by a product called hook and loop fastener (Generic Brand name – Velcro). Velcro was developed by George D Mestrel, when he went on a hunting to Alps with his dog. He found many burrs or burdocks sticking on his clothes and on the hairs of his dog. He looked the burr under a microscope and found tiny hooks. Those hundreds of tiny hooks were helping the seed to spread across by hanging on animals, clothes or hair. After this, George worked on to imitate the same and which lead to the invention of velcro.

Burr (left) and Velcro (left)

With this example it’s evident that Biomimicry is looking deeply into the natures models, structures, and other things to benefit humans (or solving problems). When Wright brothers saw birds flying around and they thought why can’t we make a vehicle which will help people to fly around the globe. This is not the first seed of Biomimicry, there are many things happened even in the neolithic age when people built homes after looking into birds nest and beehives. We have drawn inspiration from natures color, texture, designs and applied that in our business to satisfy human needs. Many architect companies gets designs only from nature because designs arise in brains after perceiving images from nature. Look into the picture given below, the design is an inspiration drawn from Beehive or from insects eye (ommatidia)

Biomimicry in Architecture

Daimler chrysler under Mercedes group developed a Bionic car which imitates the color and shape of Yellow box fish.

Mercedes Benz – Bionic Car

There are many things developed with the help of nature it was captured clearly by Author Janine M Benyus in her book named “Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by Nature”. Also Janine has delivered a TED talk which will give you clear information about biomimicry. Also I would like to suggest you two link that can help you to understand about application of biomimicry. Click here: Link 1 & Link 2.

Instead of destroying nature try to adopt natures principle in life and make the complex ones simple.

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