Chetan Bhagat, best-selling author in India who has penned One Night at the Call Center, 3 mistakes of my life, 5 point someone, Revolution 2020, 2 States and now it’s What Young India Wants. If you are fascinated by the fictional work of Chetan certainly you would have bought this book with interest to have a look at it.

“What young India wants” is a book that revolves around Indian Development from the view of the author. It’s not a complete work as such like the earlier books, this book is the collection of articles and columns in several newspapers. The book starts with the brief introduction about Chetan Bhagat and his journey which led him to become an author. After this the book has categorized into three sections 1) Society 2) Politics 3) Our Youth.

Book Cover

Chetan Bhagat points out the lacuna of India as Society in the first section which talks about people think and survive in India. Here he conveys his ideas about caste, chasing money, corruption, cricket mania, supporting Anna Hazare, public response towards the scams.

Second section talks about the entire political scenario of India. Here the author focus on, how politicians are elected, how they work, what is the purpose of their work, the scams and other stuffs. Here also Chetan speaks more on the corruption, favoritism towards caste.

Third section is completely written for Young Indians ( Youngsters), one of the chapter is a motivational speech by Chetan Bhagat named “Spark” and followed by a letter to Mahatma Gandhi. Exclusive coverage was given to the lacuna’s in the Education system of India. At the end of the book there are two fictional stories written to explain the entire things that is elaborately covered in the book. They are “Off Ducks and Crocodiles” and “Cut offs”.

Your question now is, whether it’s worth reading the book or not?

From my point of view, the book doesn’t have clarity which needs to be written for this catchy title. Chetan Bhagat fails to deliver in his non fictional book it’s better for him to continue with his fictional work. He worked on the key issues but nothing has supported with valid data which is essential when we write a book for the nations improvement/development. Don’t have an idea that this book will be like Abdul Kalam’s Vision 2020 or the recent ones. This is simple compilation of complaints with drops of solutions for it. Good for the beginners to get to know the details of the nations problems. For experts readers it’s certainly a NO from me.

Bottom Line: Experts look for some other good books to read about India. Beginners catch them up without much expectation from the book.

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