Yesterday was my birthday and it was great as usual. Wishes from my friends and family members poured in and filled Facebook timeline. I don’t know the purpose of birthday bash and celebrations, yet I have some ideas about my birthday. After completing my under graduation, every time when I celebrate my birthday few questions run in my mind

* What is that I have achieved till now?

* Have I developed skills that is required for the current trend?

* Do I work on the goal that I have set in?

* Did I do any social activity to uplift the society where I live in?

* Did I do my part well as a citizen of my country?

Also apart from these questions I say to myself that, “My age has increase by one, let me do what ever I want also I wanted that to be creative”. I hope if you ask these questions to yourself it will certainly develop the country you live in.

Happy birthday ( belated or advance).. Since I don’t know when you will celebrate your birthday.