Word of Mouth is not at all the buzz word and it’s quite often known to all the business people. Especially marketers know word of mouth is the powerful tool when they market any product. Yet, whether companies really work on it? Yes they work on it, but it’s not enough to create loyal customers is the problem. Companies think that they should work only with Profitable customers, it’s not the case. Let’s look into different aspect to create positive word of mouth.

Understand Customer Mindset:-

Yes as a company you need to analyse and understand customers mindset, it goes like this.

As a business entity one to need to respect each and every customer walking into the company. It’s not that you need to treat the customers like king, instead deliver what you have promised as a service provider. You might think what happens to the company that is product oriented. Yes they need to make the product and deliver what the customer expected from the product.

Sometimes companies create good hype for the product which results in higher expectation from it. Also when companies keep their price high for the product or service customers expect higher value. When customer get the value from the product or service they also expect courtesy, response, timeliness, and so on from a company. So companies need to offer bundle of benefits (value proposition) along with response, timeliness, empathy, personal relationship development with the consumers.

When they fail to do this, customer will show negative attitude towards the company. This will in turn lead to negative word of mouth.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is very powerful:-

People are categorized into different category with the Adoption process. So the first person experience is shared with others and that spreads as wild-fire. Whenever you see people get together the conversation will be around their life experience or experience with product or service they encountered. So companies need to understand they are talk of the town all the time. One bad experience at least said more than ten times, when suggestion were asked with the same person they will throw negative lights on the product/service that leads to loss of business lead. If you need to understand it better take films as an example. When people see the first show, they come out of the theater and share what they seen on the screen. Eventually it creates an impact in the receiver, whether to watch the movie or not.

So, companies need to know word of mouth is not always direct communication (face to face communication). Word of mouth went into the digital space and it’s spreading through blogs, Facebook, and twitter. I am here only quoting Facebook, twitter and blog since they can’t be manipulated by companies easily. And there are many cases where companies pay blogger and social media strategist to write good review about their product. So people rely more on their friends, relatives, and mentors when they choose a product/ service.

People don’t believe in your product/ service until they experience it. 

Developing positive word of mouth:-

This is really a tough task, creating buzz about your product and too it should be positive. Few suggestion are given here,

  1. Keep your promise and make your deliver what you had promised.
  2. Show empathy towards any customer who shows up to buy your product/service.
  3. We are in a super speed word, keep your time and deliver it in the right time.
  4. Your innovation should add value to the customer, hence do “Value Innovation”.
  5. Do an impressive product launch, where people should realize you are quite amazing and different.

If you are not able to understand these terms,

“Work on to Surprise your customers coupled with the right value”

This will generate positive word of mouth to bring in more revenues to your company.

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