National Entrepreneurship Network was established in the year 2003 and striving hard to create entrepreneurs. I have heard a few times about NEN when I was working in Chennai. I didn’t knew that the real essence of NEN is available for Academicians ( especially to younger generation). Here I would like to the thank for the opportunity given by my college to attend NEN Training Program. NEN is all about creating entrepreneurs, in 9 years it has created 326 entrepreneurs and now aims to create 3000 entrepreneurs in future. NEN works closely with the college faculties and coaches them rigorously by conducting Faculty Development Programs (FDP).

It follows a step by step approach in developing teachers to teach Entrepreneurship in their campus. Personally I loved the way they taught Finance in a simple way (might not have interested Finance faculties, but people like us really enjoyed that). Those three days gave enough confidence in teaching Entrepreneurship in my campus. To put it short, the faculties who attended the program learned about idea generation, evaluation, building a business model, developing a B Plan and generating funds for the new start-up. Around 40 faculties and 7 students attended this program and got clear understanding about Entrepreneurship.

For new teacher like me, it’s a great experience. Where we learned about case discussion and case teaching method. The case studies given to us for discussion were real and that made us to understand the real business scenario. Entrepreneur is sometimes happens due to accident and sometime planned, but teaching Entrepreneurship is “Planned” and that’s what NEN is doing.

Another best thing about NEN training is they send you photos that they have taken and circulate email ID of the participants which helps in Networking. I hope NEN has read our pulse, it’s not just a training program it was filled with learning and fun.