Five days of horrible pain spreading underneath the skin, was not able to lie on the floor. Around 500 rashes on the body   mostly spread on the trunk and face panicked me. Yes, Chicken pox disease brought in trauma in my body. I got back to normal life after 4 days by following the right medication under my mom and aunts’ guidance. There are lot of superstitious belief revolved around this diseases which are not really superstitious when you look deep into it. To be frank, education has ruined us. Education should lead us to think, instead that provokes us to deny tradition. 

No one should come to your home:-

This was followed even today, because this virus is communicable and air borne. If anyone come and talk to the patient who is affected by Chicken pox it will easily spread. Especially your people from uncle and aunt side should not come into your home. I don’t know why there is a segregation even in the relation, even now I don’t know why only uncle and aunt side people should not come. By wild guess I understood that they are the one who have good bonding and there are probability that they will give their son or daughter to the family as laws. Hence your family members don’t wish them to see you with lot of scars and pustules on the face. Yet the major reason is ” Chicken pox will spread through air, so no one is entertained inside the house”.

Neem leaves bunch in front of your home:-

Bunch of neem leaves has to be placed in front of your home. This is not to cure your disease instead to let people know that a person got chicken pox in this house. So that people will not come into your house, chicken pox is highly communicable disease, it’s better to avoid human contact.

Don’t look into the mirror:-

On the day of onset my mother’s sister told me not to look into the mirror. If I see myself in the mirror, it seems the rashes will spread faster. To be logical, the reason behind this superstition is to avoid the patient from getting psychologically depressed because of the rashes appeared on the face and on the body. With all the rashes on the body with horrible pain, you will certainly affected mentally. So don’t look into the mirror even though if you take this as a superstitious point.

Don’t bath:-

Until your rashes gets dried you are not supposed to take bath. Scientifically speaking, you can take bath. The reason is the virus is active inside the pustules, if the pustules get broke during the initial day ( in the first three days) it will automatically spread to other parts of the body. Also the pustules will develop high during the third day of the onset. One can’t dry themselves with towels or any other means after you take bath since your body is filled with rashes.

Sleep on Neem leaves:-

Even though you have Aciclovir tablet to control the multiplication of Varicella zoster virus It’s best to sleep on neem leaves, neem leaves have antiviral properties which is proved scientifically. Azadirachtin, Nimbin, and Nimbecidine are chemical compound present in neem that reduces the pest infestation in plants. Likewise, it works well on human bodies too. The serrated edges of neem leaves gives soothing appeal while to use it scratch the itching places.

Don’t Sweep and empty your dustbin:-

In early days, people were ordered not to sweep and put the garbage in a public place from your home when anyone at your home got chicken pox. Yes, you are not supposed to do it, since the virus spreads through air. It will affect the sweeper. If you dump the same waste in a public place there are good chances for spreading the disease.

Say No to Spice and Salt:-

This is not a superstitious practice, yet this has to be included here if you are really looking to cure small pox. Traditionally people who got chicken pox will not go to doctor, but they follow all these medications to cure it. Once you get chicken pox, your body will get heated up and you will lose appetite, hence development of ulcer is common. So ensure you don’t take spicy food. Salty food has to be avoided since it aggravates itching. 

 General Advice:-

Consume more water, don’t feel that you are going for loo many times, it will help in reducing the heat.

Take Aciclovir tablet 5 times a day, and to reduce fever and itching Paracetamol, Amoxicillin, and Avil during morning and evening is recommended by doctors.

Don’t feel much, the virus will aggravate first and then only get suppressed. If the rashes are developing even after the fifth day of onset, it’s wise to meet a doctor.

Fresh juices, Tender coconut and Curd is must for this disease, consume as much you can. [ This is your turn to take more, use it].

Grind Neem leaves with Jatropha seeds and apply on rashes after gets dried up and take bath.