I started this blog with an intention to share my dreams what ever I remember in the morning, but when I transferred my blogger blog to WordPress. I have started to write a lot more by forgetting to register my dreams. Last week I had dreams that thrilled me, I remember few things from the dreams.

Last week night was filled with adventurous dreams, different situations and complete entertainer and breath taking too.

  1. Myself and my friends ( I don’t remember any) were on a mountain trek and while on the move we were enjoying the high hills with enjoyment. I stood at the highest point looking at the depth of the mountain with an interest, but I slipped immediately, I could understand that I am tied to a rope but I don’t see any friends who came along with me. I am trying to climb up but I was not able to, suddenly I recognize myself tumbling down… and that’s it , sleep gone, woke up.
  2. I had two missiles with me, I choose one to launch targeting a helicopter. Launch set, target down and police chase started I am running and hiding myself. I don’t remember what happened next, as usual woke up.
  3. I am entering into an ancient temple in search of  gold, I hope this dream due to the effect of playing “Temple Run” game.

    Temple run

It’s usual that all the dreams are forgot when we woke up, since I am writing my dreams after a week. I remember only few lines. I hope I should stop playing adventurous games so that I will not get thriller dreams. 😛

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