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Are you working on Word of Mouth?

Word of Mouth is not at all the buzz word and it’s quite often known to all the business people. Especially marketers know word of mouth is the powerful tool when they market any product. Yet, whether companies really work on it? Yes they work on it, but it’s not enough to create loyal customers is the problem. Companies think that they should work only with Profitable customers, it’s not the case. Let’s look into different aspect to create positive word of mouth.

Understand Customer Mindset:-

Yes as a company you need to analyse and understand customers mindset, it goes like this.

As a business entity one to need to respect each and every customer walking into the company. It’s not that you need to treat the customers like king, instead deliver what you have promised as a service provider. You might think what happens to the company that is product oriented. Yes they need to make the product and deliver what the customer expected from the product. Continue reading


National Entrepreneurship Network was established in the year 2003 and striving hard to create entrepreneurs. I have heard a few times about NEN when I was working in Chennai. I didn’t knew that the real essence of NEN is available for Academicians ( especially to younger generation). Here I would like to the thank for the opportunity given by my college to attend NEN Training Program. NEN is all about creating entrepreneurs, in 9 years it has created 326 entrepreneurs and now aims to create 3000 entrepreneurs in future. NEN works closely with the college faculties and coaches them rigorously by conducting Faculty Development Programs (FDP). Continue reading

The $100 Start Up Book Review

A book written for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur, “The $100 Startup” is a step by step guide to people who are passionate to start their own micro business. Gathering experiences of many people around the globe and majority of the story from US based micro businesses. Chris Guillebeau worked hard to collect all the information by personally visiting, mailing, and interviewing individual entrepreneurs. This book compiles around 50 micro business entrepreneurs’ stories that gives you information about every business individuals take on their business. Mattress shop, Coffee shop, Map printing, Consulting business are few examples from the book. Continue reading

Five days of horrible pain spreading underneath the skin, was not able to lie on the floor. Around 500 rashes on the body   mostly spread on the trunk and face panicked me. Yes, Chicken pox disease brought in trauma in my body. I got back to normal life after 4 days by following the right medication under my mom and aunts’ guidance. There are lot of superstitious belief revolved around this diseases which are not really superstitious when you look deep into it. To be frank, education has ruined us. Education should lead us to think, instead that provokes us to deny tradition.  Continue reading

Wimbledon 2012 Final Live Streaming Websites

We are back..

Use the two links given below to see the great grand finale of Wimbledon. Andy Murray Vs Roger Federer

Best one:- Continue reading

Adventurous dream week

I started this blog with an intention to share my dreams what ever I remember in the morning, but when I transferred my blogger blog to WordPress. I have started to write a lot more by forgetting to register my dreams. Last week I had dreams that thrilled me, I remember few things from the dreams. Continue reading