Resume the first face of yours, for any job interview it’s highly noticed than you. In Indian Scenario, recruiters in companies keenly look into your resume rather than recruiters in a consultancy. In case of US it’s completely different because your resume was keenly looked even by the recruiter in a consultancy. So in any case your resume plays a major role in getting a job interview or the job itself. The two pages summary about you play a key role in your interview. Question will asked based on the information given in your resume, hence framing a perfect resume is a must. I have seen people working on the resume for a long time, but they haven’t done it to perfection. I am just listing out the mistakes that’s commonly done while framing a resume.

1) Spelling and Grammatical errors is the first thing noticed in resumes. Remember you are doing your resume in Microsoft Word, it’s already supported by Spell and Grammar check option. Just press F9 and you document errors will be clearly pointed out in red.

2) Alignment is the next thing people don’t look into. Many resumes have very bad alignment that immediately shows the poor appearance of the resume. High content with poor alignment is so bad when we consider Less content with perfect alignment.

3) Tables:- Many of them have tables in their resume, having tables is not a problem but fitting the tables in the word document and aligning the tables inside the table is the problem. You have Text Alignment option in Microsoft word with that tool bring all the text inside the table to the middle neither on the top nor at the bottom.

4) Using bold and italics is the best option to highlight your achievement in your resume. I have went through 500 odd resumes but only 10% of the resumes have the right usage. For heading use Bold option but don’t use Italics. Italics doesn’t create good impression when you use in the heading.

Bad Resume

5) Never use Underline option inside your resume. It’s better to use for the headings. When you use underline in between the lines, the word underlined doesn’t really get the emphasis. So it’s better to avoid it.

6) Font is the next one which give the elegance and style to your resume. Use the right font to showcase your resume neat and good. Calibri and Times New Roman are the best options available till to date.

7)Font size is just coming under this category only, many people purposefully increase the font size to fill up the page. Please don’t do that. Font size 12 is highly recommended for any documents. Use it.

8) Line Spacing is not generally taken care in any resumes, line spacing at 1.0 is good when it’s in paragraph mode. When you end the paragraph give good space and later proceed with the same 1.0 line spacing. And if you separate points without bullets or numbering go ahead with 1.15 or 1.5 line spacing option. If you are using bullets and numbering you need to use this option.

9) Capitalizing is not done in many cases, while writing details like school or universities name it’s highly neglected. They write “Canadian public school”, instead they can write “Canadian Public School” which give great look to your resume.

10) Punctuation mistakes are often repeated in many resumes. I hope Microsoft word will also tell you if you sentence doesn’t have right break ups. Right usage of punctuation enhances readability of your resume.

I know the points mentioned above are very simple mistakes. I promise if I haven’t put the heading as grave mistakes nobody will view it and these small mistakes will continue for ever. Hope this post helped you, have a great day.

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